It Takes Two Weeks 2-4: Catching up and chucking out

As I suspected, keeping up with It Takes Two has proved something of a challenge, and I haven’t had a chance to watch episodes 2 and 3 at all. I did catch Week 4, but I’m only just going to get to post my remarks before Week 5 comes on air.

I’m not too upset with anyone who’s left so far. Lochie Daddo didn’t leave much impression on me in the time he was there, and I always thought Krystal was a stretch as an alleged celebrity anyway. I’m disappointed that we’ve lost Wendy Matthews so early on, and I think either Bobby or Mimi deserved to go more than Russell. Nonetheless, so far there seems to be a reasonable match between actual merit and staying power.

It Takes Two
Thoughts on each performer:

Bobby & Jade, ‘Hit The Road Jack’: Well, I wish they would. Jade claimed “he’s worked really hard on his vocal technique”, but it wasn’t very evident. (Also, this was the only song where the pro sang first, which is always a sign of weakness.

Daniel & Kate, ‘I Got You’: Very impressive. A totally suitable Split Enz look, and a great sound from both performers.

Jo & Anthony, ‘Call Me’: Jo is developing a good performing presence, but her vocal control is patchy (especially given that ‘Call Me’ is not the biggest stretch note-wise). As Ross said:”You can do better”.

Mimi & David, ‘You’re No Good’: What a devastatingly ironic choice of song title. Mimi claimed her range had increased, which is a genuinely frightening thought.

Jolene & David, ‘Love Will Keep Us Together’: Definitely the best pairing in the contest, and maintaining a high standard. The fact that Amanda suggested they should emulate Bobby’s alleged darkness says far more about her stupidity than their performance.

Russell & Wendy, ‘Play That Funky Music’: An odd song choice, which clearly didn’t pay off in the long run. Can’t better James’ remark: “You are a funny guy, but you’re about as funky as yoghurt.”

Julia & Dave, ‘Happy Together’: This is the one celebrity pairing where I feel like the amateur has a better choice than the professional. With that said, Julia’s song choices seem to have been consistently a bit odd.

Ernie & Rachael, ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’: There have been some dodgy performances before, but never have we seen anyone actually walk off stage without singing a note. I like Rachael a lot, but that still might have been preferable to the reality.
Random notes:

  • The average judging scores so far have followed a familiar pattern: James is the lowest with 6.7, followed by Ross on 6.8. Amanda and Marina are tied for niceness on 7.1, but that could be a lot higher (and tackier). Amanda’s giving Russell 10 was OTT, however.
  • The performance of ‘Do You Know Where You’re Going To?’ by the four female professionals suffered somewhat from being hugely over-orchestrated. The male take on ‘Eagle Rock’ was better, though it demonstrated Dave’s limits once again.
  • Belatedly, the official site heading has been corrected to read ‘It Takes Two 2007’.
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