Countdown Spectacular 2 Brisbane: The photo gallery

As promised, here’s some pics from the Brisbane show. I wasn’t in a particularly good position, my camera is pretty cheap, and I haven’t had time to do any digital editing. Apologies if your preferred 70s act isn’t here. Enough caveats, let’s commence.

Buy, buy, buy.

Note that it’s still the local acts who bother to produce merchandise (Rick Springfield, of course, falls in both camps).

Countdown logo

The logo rises and the show begins.

Gavin Wood

Gavin Wood: a little older, a little rounder.


Katrina’s walking on sunshine, and I’m trying to work out how to switch on the flash.

Samantha Fox

Do we wanna please Sam? Yes.

Sam and crew

Sam and the dancers reach a climax of sorts.


Ignatius Jones in crooner mode . . .


. . . but leather is never far away.

The hosts

Molly and JPY fill the space between songs.

Shake it!

Referring to these women as bimbos upset one Gusworld reader.


The fabulous Sharon O’Neill – give her a second song already!


Talk about – pop music!

Wa Wa Nee

Paul Gray needed stimulation . . .


. . . but not as much as a synth bass.

No way, get fucked, fuck off!

Doc Neeson’s Angels rock the first half to an end.


Redgum in their newly-minted opening slot.

Doug Fieger

The evening’s longest guitar solo for ‘My Sharona’.

Dave Mason

‘Quasimodo’s Dream’ is accompanied by spectacular visuals which I spectacularly failed to photograph.


Apparently, they like it both ways.

Molly & Martha

The world’s least convincing marriage proposal.


The Wolfgramm Sisters do their best ABBA impersonation.

Les McKeown

Rollermania (tartan scarves not pictured).

Kate Ceberano

This photo does not do Ms Ceberano’s remarkable wardrobe choice justice.

Richard Clapton

Richard Clapton, and part of someone’s head.

John Paul Young

John Paul Young: two years in a row and still near the top of the bill.

Martha Davis

Martha Davis can sing way better than I can photograph.

Birtles, Shorrock

Shorrock, Gobles

I couldn’t get all the members of Birtles, Shorrock, Gobles in one shot.

Rick Springfield

Rick rocks the night to its conclusion.


Better late than never: the ‘My Generation’ finale.


We need more mics!


Rawk and roll!

17 thoughts on “Countdown Spectacular 2 Brisbane: The photo gallery

  1. Hi ! Have you got some photos of Plastic Bertrand ? Could you send me, please ? I am a French fan who is desperate because he ‘s too far this time and I can’t see his shows in Australia. Thanks !


  2. Please More Rick Springfield photos! Did he participate in the finale? My Generation is a song he has in his song rotation and does it usually in his trip thru the audience. You haven’t rocked until you have been to a full length Rick Show!


  3. Love the comments! Not to be repetative, but more Rick Springfield please! (And if you can figure out how to get your camera to work properly, please send me the tips – mine are just like yours! =)

    Wish I could be there!
    Debi T.

  4. For all you Rick fans: I’ve sent 18 shots (none any better than the published one, I might add), to Rick Springfield and Us, since I figure more Rick fans will encounter them there.

    I tried getting a shot of Plastic Bertrand at the Sydney show (didn’t have any luck in Brisbane), but don’t know if it’s turned out. Will post it if it has.

  5. Thanks! We are loving all this! I love reading of the other acts and seeing their pics, too! I always wanted to go to Australia. My cockatoos come from there WAY back when…LOL


  6. Thanks so much for sharing your reviews and thoughts with us back in the states! We really appreciate it!

  7. Thanks so much for the reviews and pictures. There aren’t too many sources for those of us in the US to hear about the shows. We appreciate all the information and pictures we can get. It’s great to hear that Rick is getting a warm reception back home….. and now everyone knows that Rick Still Rocks!
    It’s also good to hear that the guys from Little River Band still sound good. I had the pleasure of seeing them in concert here in US in the 80’s and have always loved their music.

    Susan F
    Sumner, WA USA

    P.S. To understand the requests for more pictures you must understand than we are Totally Spoiled by how gracious Rick is by allowing pictures at all his concerts ….. I for one (of many) have been known to take hundreds of pictures at his concerts. Thank-you for sharing your pictures on this blog and with RSU … and forgive us for being spoiled (it’s all Rick’s fault lol : ) …. We are truly thankful for whatever you are willing to share!

  8. Hi I was at the Brisbane show as well and thought it was fantastic. Have you got any more photo’s of Supernaut? I didn’t even think to take a camera! All the acts were brilliant but Rick Springfield(and being 3 rows from me in the audience – wow!) and the finale of My Generation was great. I wish they would have had 2 shows up here. Thanks for all the piccies and comments.

    Helen Qld

  9. I saw the Melbourne show last night, and I must say I’ve fallen in love with Paul Gray all over again – some 21 years after the first time!! He did a brilliant job with the music, I didn’t realise just how talented he is! Thank you for an awesome night Molly, a very special night for me that I will never forget. No voice left today after all the screaming!!!!

    Ali VIC

  10. Are you kidding ??? You must have only missed the best performers at the damm show, did you have your eyes closed…. WHERE ARE THE RADIATORS ???

  11. Lol i was in countdown i was a dancer and got photos with every1 Wooo.

    and rick springfield he was so nice

    did any1 see the adelaide and sydney show?

  12. I agree Miss Vicki (good name by the way haha) WHERE ARE THE RADIATORS!!!!!! Considering they are the hardest working band out there and coming up to their 30th Ann in Sept with their original frontline still intact thats got to be worth something.

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