Countdown Spectacular 2: I was only tongue-tied

In Sydney’s Qantas Club today on my way to Melbourne, I walked straight past John Schuman and Hugh McDonald from Redgum, presumably en route to Hobart. I should have grabbed the chance to congratulate them and perhaps quizzed them for backstage gossip, but being the introvert I am, I said nothing. I’m always hopeless when I meet performers. And before everyone asks, no, Rick Springfield wasn’t anywhere in sight.

2 thoughts on “Countdown Spectacular 2: I was only tongue-tied

  1. Yeah – right – you introvert :). However they where most likely enjoying not being quizzed left and right.

  2. Ah hahahaha! Being an extroverted introvert myself. I do know what you mean ! There is a time and place for quizzes, eh? Glad you are enjoying the spectacular tour. Very much enjoying your blogs here in the USA!

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