Countdown Spectacular 2: Withdrawal symptoms

For the first time so far this tour, there was a Countdown Spectacular 2 show (in Hobart), and I didn’t see it. A quick search of the blogspace and newspapers doesn’t reveal any information, so I can’t get the burning questions answered:

  • Was Graham Bonnet given his second song back?
  • Did the crowd finally shut up for Dave Mason?
  • Which T-shirt did Robin Scott choose?
  • What did Rick Springfield get up to?
    Any information much appreciated — I know that the last question in particular is being asked by hundreds of people across the world! In the meantime, a shameless plug for James’ review of Sydney.
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    1. Graham Bonnet sang Warm Ride if that’s what you mean…

      Yes the crowd did shut up for Dave Mason because his song was so far ahead
      of it’s time, as is he….

      Did Robin Scott wear a T-shirt? I didn’t notice actually but it is Hobart after all and he probably wore a jumper…

      Rick Springfield was much more ‘rocky’ than I remember his studio released versions… the crowd loved him and I’d love to have heard the comment he made to one of the Wolfgramm Sisters as he left the stage (probably what I would have loved to have said to her too!) :)

    2. Rick jumped down into the crowd and worked his way through the first couple of rows singing, “I wish that I had..” or “I want..” and then sticking the microphone in front of people so they could yell, “Jessie’s girl!”

      At one point his pelvis was in some woman’s face as he stood on her chair. She looked away in embarrassment and he said, “I hope you don’t do that to your boyfriend!”

      At the end of the song he threw his guitar high in the air – and caught it one handed. He was certainly the most enthusiastic performer but he kept signalling the desk to pump up the amp, and it got a bit too loud and distorted. However, he was great, and ripped, and everyone loved him!

      Samantha Fox botched ‘Touch Me’. She did her big finish and the band kept on playing.. because she hadn’t sung the second verse yet. She said, “Ooh.. another verse!” and then ad-libbed until she got around to the finish again.. but that basically meant she sang, “Touch me, touch me, touch me,” over and over for a good minute or more. It was a bit awkward. She still looks quite hot.

      Dave Mason was a weird one.. Molly introduced him by saying, “This is a very difficult song to sing,” almost like he was apologising for him in advance. I didn’t know the song and didn’t get it, so that goes to show that Andrew L was on the money.

    3. Thanks Amanda… and the crowd laughed a lot when Rick said “I hope you don’t do that to your boyfriend!?.

      I enjoyed it but think perhaps the crowd could have been encouraged to get down and dance. Rocking in your chair isn’t as much fun.

      Do you think Sam has had surgery? She was looking a little too good for her years… and btw Gus, Sam was wearing a very short skirt for the Hobart concert. I only mention this because your pics show a different Sam at one of the gigs you attended.

    4. Given that Sam hasn’t sung the second verse of ‘Touch Me’ anywhere else, I find it hard to believe it showed up in Hobart (though I can believe there was a stuff-up in the transition to the bridge). Glad the short skirt made it to Melbourne though.

    5. Robert Scott had a T-Shirt that said “Sold Out” in the style of the old “Choose Life” Wham shirts

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