Countdown Spectacular 2: A few appalling bonus pictures

That plan for him.


Several people have asked for pictures of Plastic Bertrand, but unfortunately this is as good as it gets, so you might have to wait for the DVD.


The Molly/Martha proposal reaches ultimate form as Molly dons a veil. Plus, naturally, some stranger’s head.

Dancing With The Stars

Believe it or not, this is Kate Ceberano and Jean-Paul Collins.

We all need the human touch, though that song isn't in the set.

Rick's done everything for us, though that song's not in the set either

A couple of shockingly bad Rick pics.

One thought on “Countdown Spectacular 2: A few appalling bonus pictures

  1. i waited 26 yrs to see rick live!! loved it!! my friends were closer than me and rick got them to sing jessies girl they loved it and we all cant wait for the dvd!!!

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