Countdown Spectacular 2: DVD, Doc and Daryl

Once again, and reflecting Countdown’s production history, the DVD is being filmed in Melbourne. Possibly as a result, the show doesn’t kick off until 740pm, though as usual Melbournites show a complete inability to keep time and there are still people wandering in well after 820pm.

Not too much has changed. The DVD filming requirement means that there’s rather more graphical video filler (as opposed to live shots) played on the main screen. Graham Bonnet, mercifully, seems to have permanently lost ‘Warm Ride’, and Samantha Fox repeats the short skirt outfit which Gusworld correspondents report made its debut in Hobart.

Possibly also mindful of the cameras, Doc Neeson climbed into the audience for ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’, extending the song by several minutes (his back injury was rather evident when he climbed back on stage). An extra bit of vintage footage of Doc deep-sea diving has also been added earlier in the show, and the sequence of audience moments edited so that doesn’t incongruously end with Molly introducing Genesis.

Changes in the second act were a bit less prominent. Molly’s proposal to Martha reached new heights of ridiculousness, with the crew bringing out a veil for him. Supernaut’s start was delayed for a couple of minutes due to guitar problems.

During ‘Love Is In The Air’, Kate Ceberano returned with her Dancing With The Stars partner Jean-Paul to perform. Her red ballroom gown was a darn sight better than her standard outfit.

BSG got a better audience response than anyone else on the tour, though Glenn Shorrock flubbed quite a few lyrics. Rick Springfield (back in black) didn’t spend quite so long in the audience, but made up for it by comprehensively smashing his guitar at the end.

Random points:

  • Daryl Braithwaite, who was apparently watching from backstage, was dragged on just prior to the Countdown dancers and got the crowd to sing a few lines of ‘Howzat’.
  • Once again, the mic mixing during ‘My Generation’ was shocking. I hope the version on the DVD, due in November, is better.
  • A handful of bonus photos and some further ruminations will go up tomorrow.
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    1. Late November was what was stated at the concert — I have a vague memory Gavin may have said November 21, but wouldn’t swear to it.

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