Countdown Spectacular 2: Adelaide anyone?

Another quick search of the blogosphere hasn’t uncovered details of what went on at the Adelaide show on Sunday. OK, the main variables seem to be whether Graham Bonnet gets two songs or not and how Martha rejects Molly’s proposal, but people need to know these things. Any comments from attendees much appreciated! I’m really regretting not booking the final show in Perth, would do it now if the total cost wasn’t north of $1000 . . .

4 thoughts on “Countdown Spectacular 2: Adelaide anyone?

  1. Graham Bonnet only sang one song thank god, it was so disappointing. graham only sang baby blue and even then kept referring to the words written on paper attached to the stage. I can not understand how someone with two great songs can not remember the words. Iam also glad he didnt sing warm ride because i want only to remember it in its full glory from yester year.
    I also think that Countdown Spectacular was not a place for REDGUM especialy to open the second part of the show. Martha Davis was fantastic as well as all the other performers it really makes you appreciate how good the music really was. The Angels, Radiators , Sharon Oneill , Samantha Fox awesome. Paul Gray with his signiture song stimulation needed stimulation it sounded a little flat but he made up with it by performing sugar free. Kate Ceberano what talent she has fantastic.
    I hope next years spectacular three concert has another good line up, seeing icehouse perform and machinations perform would be great plus international artist. Its great to hear the old classics and people appreciating this fine music that can never be replaced or forgotten.

  2. Gus;

    I’m about to leave work and get change for the Perth show. I’ll drop you some comments tomorrow.

    Thanks for narrating the story so far!

    Donnie Mountjoy

  3. the adelaide show was fantastic.i was front centre.the same handfull of girls were squeezing past me every few minuts to dance to the band..then a bunch of scantly clad girls came to the front to dance,,virtually stepping on toes as there was not much room..the angels were awesome.doc was tryint to get a woman up on the stage but as she was climbing onto a box,she fell onto her back..then doc jumped into the crowd to get audience member to sing the chorus “no way get fucked fuck off”.les (bay city rollers) came on stage and there were wads of tartan thrown out..which missed the dancing girls in front of us and hit me in the face..martha davis was sultry and sleek..kate cebrano was magnificent with her rendition of “love dont live here anymore”..rick springfield got the women in the crowd over excited when he jumped down into the crowd for “jessies girl”
    i was there to see sam fox..after witing 18 years for her to get to adelaide.but considering it was 20 odd different was great value..

  4. Martha rejected Molly’s proposal by saying she had a new love and brought out the pretty boy dancer. Great to see a lot of the oldies wheeled out. Doug Fieger was having a great time and Richard Gower changed into some casuals after his numbers and joined the rent a crowd girls at the front of the stage during Les McKeown’s set. Dirty old man was having a crack – ewww. Great to hear Doc’s voice live again and Plastic Bertrand was rocking !!! Ignatius Jones sang beautifully as well. Richard Clapton – fantastic. See my pics at:

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