The Countdown Spectacular 2 Awards

While we wait for news on next year’s show, here’s the totally unofficial Gusworld Countdown Spectacular 2 awards.

  • Best singer: Martha Davis (with Kate Ceberano an agonisingly close second).
  • Best preserved: Samantha Fox (runner up: Plastic Bertrand).
  • Act with most dedicated Internet fanbase: Rick Springfield.
  • Act most likely to be mistaken for a Gold Coast plumber on karaoke night: Graham Bonnet.
  • Most surprisingly impressive vocals: Ignatius Jones.
  • Biggest audience reaction for a headliner: Doc Neeson’s Angels (with Rick Springfield running close behind).
  • Biggest audience reaction for a non-headliner: David Patton.
  • Most welcome innovation: The Wolfgramm Sisters solo spot.
  • Most welcome exclusion: The dodgy Humdrum segment from last year thankfully didn’t make an appearance.
  • Most deserving of a second song: Sharon O’Neill.
  • Most obvious setlist exclusion: Kate Ceberano, ‘Do You Wanna Be’ (with Rick Springfield’s ‘I’ve Done Everything For You’ a rather close second).
  • Trick they should repeat next year: Mixing international and Australian acts.
  • Trick they shouldn’t repeat next year: Cutting the middle verse out of half the songs.
  • 3 thoughts on “The Countdown Spectacular 2 Awards

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your recaps with all of us Rick Springfield fans back in the states! Ive really appreciated them as well as the pictures! Hope you get to see his full show sometime.

    2. I agree Rosie. It’s been wonderful how the fans and show goers have been sharing with those of us back in the US. I’m glad to know everyone was pleased with Rick. I knew he would rock the house! He always does! I too am rooting for the fans in Oz and NZ that Rick will do a normal tour there. He is mesmerizing for the whole hour and a half he’s on!


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