Linux is too hard for my mum

Note: I wrote this in response to an idle challenge on a journalist mailing list . . .

Linux is too hard for my mum

Ubuntu is a good product, but don’t try saying that it is a good option on a laptop for my mum. It would work OK for mail and writing and printing. But as soon as it has a crash, command prompt phobia will kick in.

I know that Linux addicts will claim that Ubuntu is crash-proof. No laptop is crash-proof. That is doubly so if my mum is in control. Do not ask if things will go wrong; ask how long you can wait until a call occurs.

Truthfully, I do not know an awful lot about Ubuntu anyway. I could say “Switch it off and try again”. I could wax lyrical about Dolphin. I could launch a distraction by talking about my nupital plans.

But in any pragmatic analysis, I do not know much about command prompts, apart from command prompts in DOS. Knowing DOS is not of much aid on most occasions, and Linux command prompts will show up. My mum thinks command prompts suck ass. So staying away from Ubuntu is a straightforward solution for both of us.

I will say nothing about using a Mac. I want my limbs too much.

Can you spot anything odd about this story?

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