So who won at the Lizzies?

Friday night the sixth Sun Microsystems IT Journalism Awards, universally known as The Lizzies, took place at Star City. As well as an enormous number of jokes about The Phantom Of The Internet and a theatre sports sketch where Computer Choice editor Ashton Mills made the somewhat unlikely claim “Sometimes we make it up”, prizes were handed out. This year, we didn’t know who the finalists were until the night: categories could have anywhere from two to twenty entrants, but only the highest scorers made the final shortlist.

I maintained my perennial bridesmaid status by getting Highly Commended certificates for Best Consumer Journalist and Best Technical Journalist. Hey, I’m nothing if not versatile. (For the curious, my Best Consumer Journalist entries were all for Exec Tech in Australian IT, looking at broadband, GPS systems and media centre PCs, while my Best Technical Journalist entry articles examined the risks of Internet forums, Skype, Windows Vista sucking and vibrators.)

Here’s a pretty full list of finalists, including winners (in bold), highly commended (HC) and commended (C). The results for the HCs and Cs flashed by pretty fast and my notes are a tad scrawled, so I may have missed one or two. (Now corrected from the official list though!)

Best New Journalist: Elyssa Baxter, Luke Coleman (HC), Mahesh Sharma (HC)

Best New Title:, technology (HC), Official PS Magazine (HC) (and frankly, this category appears to be Best Relaunch)

Best Industry Journalist: Ben Woodhead, Lilia Guam (HC), Simon Grose (HC)

Best Industry Title: Australian Financial Review, The Australian (HC)

Best Multimedia Coverage: Good Game, CIO Australia (HC), Risky Business (HC)

Best Consumer Journalist: Derek Fung, Angus Kidman (HC), Elyssa Baxter (HC)

Best Personal Title: CNET, PC User (HC), Choice Computer (HC)

Best Business Technology Title: MIS Australia, The Australian (HC)

Best Business Journalist: Paul Smith, Renai LeMay (HC), Ben Woodhead (C), Agnes King (C)

Best Communications Journalist: Michael Sainsbury (and no other finalists!)

Best Gaming Journalist: Seamus Byrne, Logan Booker, Marcus Browne

Best Gaming Title: PC Powerplay, Atomic (HC), Good Game (C)

Best Production Team: CNET, CRN (HC), PC Authority (HC)

Best Technical Journalist: Darren Yates, Angus Kidman (HC)

Best Article: JV Douglas, Patrick Gray (HC), Renai LeMay (C), Nick Ross (C)

Best Columnist: David Braue, Michael Sainsbury (C), Simon Sharwood (C), Graeme Philipson (C)

Best Reviewer: Dan Chiappini, Darren Yates (HC), Alex Kidman (C), Nick Ross (C)

Best Media Website: ZDNet, (HC)

Best News Journalist: Julian Bajkowski, Ben Woodhead (HC)

Best News Title: The Australian, Australian Financial Review (HC)

Journalist of the Year: Ben Woodhead

Technology Title of the Year: Good Game

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