Kirstyfest 2009 in photos

I went to Kirstyfest, the annual celebration of my all-time favourite singer/songwriter Kirsty MacColl, in London on Sunday. Fab time as always, summarised here in pictures and too-brief captions. (Apologies for the inevitable misspelt and forgotten names.)

The famous bench in Soho Square.

The fabulous Jean Newlove, Kirsty’s mum.

Singing “Soho Square” in Soho Square, accompanied by 150 or more Kirsty fans (not pictured).

Stage decoration at the Phoenix Arts Club.

The fabulous Claire, key organiser for the day.

Jean updates us on the Justice for Kirsty campaign.

Galore poster, auctioned off for £300!

The fabulous John M (from San Fran) kicks off the music.

Sometimes it’s just all about the guitar.

Next up: Terry.

13 years old and already a Kirsty fan.

Too many instruments is barely enough.

“No, we can’t do ‘You Caught Me Out’.”

Sometimes it’s just all about the guitars.

Mark Nevin, Kirsty collaborator and all-round nice guy.

“I hope I see those pigeons fly . . .”

Mark and friend grooving to ‘Cowboy’.

Leeches . . .

and Pea. (Their gag, not mine!)

‘They Don’t Know’, skiffle style.

The final tribute number.

Can’t wait for next year . . .

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