My life as material

I’ve been milking my life for content since before I was a full-time writer, but there’s no doubt that since I took on the gig as Lifehacker Australia editor last year, it happens even more often. Last week was a good case in point. Early on, I took advantage of attending Kirstyfest to write a post about the neat place card design.

Then I hit the Cheltenham Literature Festival, which not-so-surprisingly coincided with Book Week on Lifehacker. That led to posts on how Ruth Rendell uses a PC, why Eoin Colfer thinks the iPhone is the Hitchhiker’s Guide and Charley Boorman’s travel essentials, as well as a Road Worrier piece on how I coped when my hotel booking went horribly awry.

This week, I’ve been at RSA Conference Europe, which has also produced a bunch of material. For SearchSecurity, I wrote up the emerging threat of information equivalency and the strange threat that LinkedIn can pose. At iTWire, I’ve done pieces on why smart phones are risky but unstoppable and how work laptops could trigger a new wave of cyberfraud.

And of course that’s barely scratching the surface of everything else at Lifehacker:

  • Will The Kindle Increase E-Book Piracy?
  • Tropfest 2010 Now Accepting Entries
  • The Most Useful Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts (Lifehacker 101)
  • Air Canada Offers BlackBerry App For Check-In
  • Mobile Phone GPS Rules Still Highly Confusing
  • iPhone Pizza Apps To Explode Next Month
  • What Drives Your Choice Of Wi-Fi Versus 3G?
  • Travel Expense Calculator For Excel
  • 16% Of Australians Use Smart Phones
  • Would You Buy E-Books From A Bookseller?
  • Coles Offering 15% Off iTunes Cards
  • Using Twitter For Weight Loss
  • Pizza Hut Offering Free DVD Rentals With Pizza
  • ACCC Keeping Tight Watch On Petrol Discounts
  • Last Week’s Best Posts
  • Bluff Your Way Through Classic Movies
  • Use Twitter To Creative Live Sport Leader Boards
  • 10 Photoshop Tricks You Didn’t Know
  • Microsoft’s Messy WA Daylight Saving Fix
  • What Lifehacker Readers Use For E-Books (Book Week)
  • Digital TV Sales People Need More Training
  • Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Books (Loaded; Book Week)
  • Try Advertising To Find Tradespeople
  • Google Maps Offers Public Transport Directions For Cairns
  • Apple Expands Australian iTunes U Content
  • Best Tools For Reading And Creating PDFs (Lifehacker 101; Book Week)
  • Help Your Kids Learn To Speak
  • Mobile Foxtel Now Available On iPhone
  • Choosing Images For The Perfect Triptych
  • Mobile Phones Are Ruining Our Memory For Numbers
  • iPhone Apps More Useful When They’re Actually Launched
  • What’s Your Preferred Electronic Book Reader? (Book Week)
  • DUALSIM Mini Helps You Manage Multiple SIMs (Road Worrier)
  • Registration Opens For LCA2010
  • It’s Lifehacker Book Week 2009 (Book Week)
  • Last Week’s Best Posts
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