Week at the knees

I don’t have the excuse of being overseas to explain why I slacked off on daily posts about my activities this week. I guess the best excuse I can come up with is that I was busy writing other stuff.

With my enterprise hat on, I produced three stories for iTnews, all of which had something of a cloud computing bent. Firstly, I looked at how speakers at the recent PyCon 2010 revealed that recoding apps for the cloud wasn’t easy. Then I looked at a survey suggesting that many IT pros still see the cloud as a risky move. And finally, I chatted to Dr Kevin McIsaac from IBRS about what EMC’s purchase of Greenplum might signal about its plans.

With my gadget hat on: yes, I now have a gadget hat of sorts. I’m writing the occasional post for Gizmodo (the gadget-obsessed wonderland which is one of Lifehacker’s sibling blogs), which lets me cover stuff that doesn’t fit within Lifehacker’s fairly well-defined “practical information” parameters. This week, I got in early with the much-reported news that Prince thinks the Internet is dead, and did a hands-on test of the LG 3D demonstration lounge in the Qantas Club.

And all that’s before we consider Lifehacker in its many and varied forms. Monday’s Road Worrier column updated Lifehacker’s list of free public transport options in major Australian cities. Tuesday’s Streaming column examined why SBS has a Tour de France YouTube channel. Wednesday’s Lifehacker 101 explained how to set up Google News Alerts. Loaded on Thursday looked at what Australian online stores do wrong. And Friday’s Planhacker table looked at postpaid broadband plans.

And then the short posts. So many short posts.

  • Making Sense Of The Filter Delay
  • Lifehacker Tests Southern Cross’ Free Wi-Fi
  • How To Put A Tab In A Table Cell In Word
  • Lunchtime Wrap: Android Migration & Online Shopping
  • Archive Bookmarks As PDFs For Safe Easy Reference
  • Austar AnyWhere Offers Online TV Viewing Service
  • Australia Post Plans Greater eBay Integration
  • NBN Extended To New Locations
  • More Tactics For Putting Off Telemarketers
  • Lunchtime Wrap: Firefox 4 & Email Annoyances
  • Brisbane Promises Google Maps Transport Integration By Year End
  • Vodafone Increases 3G Mobile Broadband Allowances
  • eBay Begins Free Listings Scheme Today
  • When Android 2.2 Will Hit Your Phone In Australia
  • Give False Names To Confuse Telemarketers
  • Adam Joins Upload Counting Trend
  • Lunchtime Wrap: Streaming Media & Online Fraud
  • eBay Launches Android App In Australia
  • Improve iOS4 Performance On iPhone 3G With Hard Resets
  • Check Your BlackBerry’s Uptime With A Keyboard Shortcut
  • Internode Drops Easy Naked Price By $10
  • Lunchtime Wrap: HTML Editors & Free Transport
  • ATO Updates Information Sheets For New 2010 Tax Rules
  • Is Online Fraud Really Costing Australians $1.3 Billion?
  • Kobo Reader Still Suffering Rendering Issues
  • Coles Selling Virgin Prepaid Broadband Modem For Half Price
  • Apple Playing Dumb With Consumer Refund Rights
  • Trove Lets You Locate Books In Any Australian Library
  • Lunchtime Wrap: Naked DSL & Speed Tests
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro Has Keyboard, Outright Buy Price
  • Last Week’s Top Ten Posts
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