And so Mastercheap begins

I promise you, it’s still not my intention to only update this blog once a week with a summary of what I’ve written, even if that’s how it might be coming across right now.

Mind you, for the next week or so, you’ll be able to get a closer-than-normal look at my daily life, since the Mastercheap project has begun on Lifehacker. This is an idea I’ve had for quite a while (indeed, it first occurred to me in Britain more than a decade ago): seeing just how well you can eat on a minimal budget. In this case, the budget is $25. There’s already been four instalments so far on Lifehacker, and the daily posts will continue throughout this week:

  • Mastercheap: Eating For $25 A Week
  • Mastercheap: The $25 Shopping List
  • Mastercheap: Would Aldi Make A Difference?
  • Mastercheap Day 1: Measuring Up To The Task

    That hasn’t been all the work I’ve done, of course, though it has been one of those weeks where Lifehacker was in the ascendancy in online terms. However, for iTnews I did look at Google’s expansion into the government advertising space. At Gizmodo, I wrote up Optus’ LTE trial launch and looked at why FetchTV won’t be offering porn.

    Amongst the Lifehacker columns, Road Worrier examined how to get the best from in-seat power on planes. Streaming took a geeky turn with a look at how Python is used to make movies, while Lifehacker 101 examined the less obvious ways social networking can reveal information. Planhacker looked at BlackBerry contract plans, which made depressing reading for someone who does want to buy a BlackBerry. One post about setting USB drive volume names with your mobile number also got a run on the US Lifehacker site.

    And in the long stream of standard posts for Lifehacker:

  • Australian iPhone 4 Release Set For July 30
  • Lunchtime Wrap: Cheap Shopping & iPhone 4
  • How To Change Measurement Units In PowerPoint
  • Taxi Books A Taxi From Your iPhone
  • Does Your 3G Broadband Ever Go On The Road?
  • DIY IKEA iPad Stand
  • Why We Won’t See The iPhone 4 In Australia This July
  • Lunchtime Wrap: Mastercheap & Caffeine
  • iCalcy Replicates The iPhone Calculator On Windows
  • Coles Has 20% Off iTunes Cards
  • Why The Filter Proposal Won’t Work
  • How To Make Your Vote Count In The Election
  • Lunchtime Wrap: Text Capture & Filter Politics
  • eBay Adds Paymate To Payment Options
  • Make Your Own Wallet From Teabag Tags
  • HTC Wildfire Hitting Telstra In August
  • Australia Post Launches Mobile Site, iPhone App
  • Lunchtime Wrap: In-Seat Power & iPad SNES
  • Testing Qantas’ In-Seat Economy Power
  • Will The Filter Influence Your Election Vote?
  • Social Networking Sites Free On New 3 Contract Plans
  • Regional Airlines May Be Forced To Raise Fares In NSW
  • Vodafone Bonus Bank Offers Credits For Prepaid Recharges
  • Lunchtime Wrap: Postpaid 3G Broadband & USB Tricks
  • Ovi Maps Adds Time Out Listings
  • Last Week’s Top Ten Posts
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