A couple of days on

So far, Mastercheap is going pretty well. I’m not going to repeat myself, so you can find all the relevant details in the diary posts for day 2 and day 3:

I’ve also put together a Mastercheap FAQ, covering off the details for people who haven’t read the original posts. Ahem.

For iTnews, I covered off SAP’s “World Tour” event, where the software giant revealed its plans for cloud computing and working with Microsoft.

Monday’s Road Worrier column drew on my recent trip to Perth, looking at how well the Next G network work’s across the city’s rail system. Streaming on Tuesday looked at the pros and cons of ABC News 24. And in amongst the more compact posts:

  • Free Wifi Wiki Lists Free Hotspots Worldwide
  • Bendigo, Suncorp Joint ATM Network Helps You Save On Fees
  • Tech-Savvy Voters Reject The Filter
  • ACMA Wants Your Telco Horror Stories
  • Lunchtime Wrap: Mobile Note Taking & Torture Tests
  • Making Your Senate Vote Count Against The Filter
  • Why OneNote Has A Hidden Ribbon
  • Use Blu Tack And Other Oddities To Keep Printers Running (also reproduced on the US Lifehacker site)
  • Lunchtime Wrap: iPhone 4 & Mastercheap
  • Last Week’s Top Ten Posts
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