Conference call confessions

I don’t like conference calls — the sound quality is often poor, there’s not always an obvious system for chiming in and asking questions, and they never start on time. But I sat through iiNet’s results announcements call yesterday, and ended up writing a story about them for iTnews. iTnews also featured a piece from me about the challenges Human Services faces in finding IT graduates, largely because there’s not enough people taking tertiary IT courses. This feast-or-famine scenario has been going on as long as I’ve been a journalist.

At Gizmodo, I had a brief piece noting that Apple’s attempts to block jailbreaking of in-store phones don’t seem to have fully extended to Australia, though the comments suggest it’s an even bigger issue in various JB Hi-Fi branches. As ever, Monday’s main Lifehacker column was Road Worrier, critically examining a survey ranking how easy it is to actually get seats on various frequent flyer programs. Elsewhere on Lifehacker:

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    1. I read your comments on conference calls with interest as I am the founder of a UK based provider. If you are having sound quality issues, then you are with the wrong provider. Sound quality with our service will be identical to a regular call.

      The ‘never start on time’ issue is the big one. We’ve been doing research and this is what most people complain about. Our next project is solving this issue, any suggestions welcome.

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