Feel the G-Force

I’m in Melbourne for the next couple of days for the G-Force 2010 conference, which means lots of call centres and IVR and social media and executives rocking out to Aussie classics. The Twitter experience is bound to be better than last year, when the hamster movie was stealing focus.

Today’s Streaming column for Lifehacker looked at how time-shift ratings are calculated and why the process is a tad dodgy. Other hints on hacking your life from my virtual pen:

  • Is My Blog Working? Ranks Your Site’s Performance
  • DIY Hanging Garden From A Bathroom Basket
  • Ask Lifehacker: What Should I Do On A Sydney Staycation?
  • Lunchtime Wrap: Frequent Flyers & Windows Mac
  • HopShopGo Ships From US-Only Stores
  • Niggle It Organises Warranties And Reminder Dates (promptly picked up by the US Lifehacker site)
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