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Bad seat, bad camera, bad result

One of the things I get to do as an occasional contributor to Gizmodo is write up notable comments from geek celebrities when they make public appearances in Australia. I did that for Stephen Fry a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday I performed the same task for Joss Whedon, who is nipping through Australia on a brief speaking tour.

I’m a properly tragic Stephen Fry fan boy, while my acquaintance with Whedon is much more casual. But while the two articles use a similar format, the Whedon piece is much longer. I’m not sure whether that’s because my detachment made it easier to write, or whether he’s just a more natural Gizmodo subject. Guess I’ll go with the latter.

Lifehacker’s big post on Friday was the Planhacker column looking at how much you pay per megabyte for wireless broadband. Boy, that was some Excel work. And here’s the rest of the Lifehacker stuff to round out the week:

  • Ask Lifehacker: Why Does Mobile Signal Dry Up?
  • Ice TV Android App Goes Into Beta
  • Lunchtime Wrap: XBMC Blu-Ray & Loan Exit Fees
  • Why Are Workplace Help Desk Systems So Rarely Used?
  • Telstra Outlines Its Future Windows Phone 7 Hub Plans
  • JB Hi-Fi Has Two $20 iTunes Cards For $30
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