Bieber slagging is healthy

As anyone who follows my Twitter stream would already realise, I had a mildly crap day yesterday. Slow PC updates, updates that wouldn’t install, PR companies that can’t even manage something as simple as maintaining an RSVP list, my BlackBerry crapping itself and having to go to the construction zone that is the Docklands to visit Costco made it less than appealing.

Aside from the Britney-themed episode of Glee, my favourite activity of the day was writing a piece for Gizmodo about a new line of Justin Bieber dolls. Sometimes you just have to kvetch.

Wednesday’s Lifehacker 101 column looked at the many versions of Android and why we’re stuck with them. I also did a detailed analysis of the new Everyday Rewards option to take frequent flyer points rather than petrol discounts (for most people, the petrol discounts are better). Also on Lifehacker:

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  • Lunchtime Wrap: & TV Network Woes
  • eBay Sees Doubling Of Sales Via Mobile Phones
  • Fairfax News Apps For iPhone Charging $2.49 A Month
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