Taking the census

And suddenly a week has gone by and I’ve been too busy writing to update on the blog. For iTnews, I looked at how next year’s census still won’t make us any more informed about broadband. I’d actually forgotten that there was an electronic option for filling out the last census, even though I used it at the time. Five years is, of course, plenty of time to forget.

The Loaded column, which looked at setting up a cheap home studio, wound up as the most popular story of the week after getting a mention on Lifehacker US. Road Worrier shifted to Wednesday last week because of the long weekend and examined quiet carriages on trains, while this week’s edition examined what mobile apps we utilise. Mobile Internet was the focus for Streaming, and Planhacker revisited the perennial topic of prepaid 3G broadband, and Lifehacker 101 looked at why software updates require a reboot so frequently.

And amongst the shorter stories:

  • Simplify Cable Access With A Lazy Susan
  • Google Docs Enhances Spreadsheet Import Options
  • Freelancer.com Rolls Out Australian Domain
  • Lunchtime Wrap: 3G Broadband & DIY Music
  • Qantas Waiving Qantas Club Joining Fee
  • Last Week’s Top Ten Posts
  • Bayifier Gives Photos That Michael Bay Look
  • Telstra Offers Proper Warranties With Two-Year Phone Contracts
  • Lunchtime Wrap: Phone/PC Transfers & Home Studios
  • Aussies Say Overwork Prevents Them Taking Holidays
  • Google Instant Rolling Out In Australia
  • Tell The ABC About Your Car Obsession
  • Decorate Your Storage Boxes With Maps
  • eBay Australia Now Allowing Multiple Variant Listings
  • Lunchtime Wrap: Quiet Carriages & Apple Recalcitrance
  • No More Unlimited ADSL From AAPT
  • Full-Length Shows From The ABC Now On YouTube
  • Gizmodo Explains All Your Mobile App Store Choices
  • How Loyalty Card Users Go Crazy When They Get Rewards
  • Lunchtime Wrap: The Wireless Home & The Entertaining Smart Phone
  • Curiosity Is Unwise When Malware Is Involved
  • Apple Promises iPhone Daylight Saving Fix, Won’t Say When
  • Virgin Blue Basically Offline All Wednesday
  • Powerhand Power Board Handles Bulky Chargers With Ease
  • ABC Warns Bluebird AR Viewers About Security Breach
  • Lunchtime Wrap: Invitation Services & iPhone Alarms
  • It’s Not About Being Messy, It’s About Not Over-Organising
  • Vodafone Simplify Offers Flat-Rate Prepaid Calling
  • Optus Improves Data Charges For Prepaid Mobile Users
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