Who won at the 2012 Lizzies?

Last night saw the 10th Annual Microsoft IT Journalism Awards, invariably known as the Lizzies, which acknowledge the best technology publications and writers in Australia. I was a nominee in five categories, and Lifehacker was up for two awards. I was thrilled hugely that Lifehacker won Best Website against some very tough competition, and that I scored a Highly Commended (HC) in Best Technical Writer. It was also a huge night for my fabulous Allure colleagues. Elly Hart won Best Reviewer, Kotaku won Best Gaming Coverage, and Tracey Lien won Best Gaming Journalist and Best Journalist.

Here’s a list of the winners on the night. (Corrections welcome: this is based on notes scrawled with my IKEA pencil in a noisy, alcohol-filled room.) Publisher-wise, the big scorers on the night were my own employers, Allure Media (5 winners and 1 highly commended); Fairfax (4 winners and 2 highly commended); CBS (3 winners and 3 highly commended); and News Ltd (2 winners).

Best Technology Industry Journalist: David Ramli, AFR (HC: Paul Smith, AFR)

Best Columnist: John Davidson, AFR (HC: Adam Turner, freelancer)

Best Consumer Technology Journalist: Jennifer Dudley-Nicolson, News (HC: Asher Moses, SMH; Nick Ross, ABC)

Best Personal Technology Coverage: CNET

Best Reviewer: Elly Hart, Gizmodo (HC: Darren Yates, PC User)

Best Technology Magazine: PC & Tech Authority (HC: Choice Computer, Game Informer)

Best Business Technology Journalist: Fran Foo, AustralianIT (HC: David Braue, freelancer)

Best Business Technology Coverage: Communications Day (HC: Information Age)

Best New Journalist: Jessica Gardner, BRW (HC: Josh Taylor, ZDNet; Andrew McMillen, Freelancer)

Best Website: Lifehacker (HC: CNet)

Best Technical Journalist: Chris Duckett, Tech Republic (HC: Angus Kidman, Lifehacker)

Best Video Program: 5 Inch Floppy (HC: Good Game)

Best Audio Program: Risky Business (HC: Your Tech Life)

Best Gaming Journalist: Tracey Lien, Kotaku (HC: Laura Parker, Gamespot)

Best Gaming Coverage: Kotaku (HC: 5 Inch Floppy, IGN)

Best Media Relations: Jenny Crowcroft (HC: Renato Catalan, Snezana Stojanovska)

Best News Journalist: Andrew Colley, AustralianIT

Best News Coverage: SMH

Best Journalist: Tracey Lien, Kotaku

Best Publication: CNET

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