Wow, I’m actually a Lizzies finalist

I entered the Lizzies — more properly, the 14th Annual MasterCard IT Journalism Awards– this year, but I had no expectation of making any of the shortlists. Between evolving sites and changing jobs, I just didn’t do as much writing on tech topics.

So I’m surprised and delighted that I’m a finalist in three categories: Best Columnist, Best Technical Journalist and Best Consumer Tech Journalist. I’m defending the Best Columnist title from last year, and I’ve won Best Consumer Tech Journalist in previous years.

I don’t imagine I’ll win any of them this time around. The competition is formidable, including my brother Alex Kidman in the first two categories. But I’m looking forward to the night, and I’ll do a live blog of the results, just as I did last year.

One thought on “Wow, I’m actually a Lizzies finalist

  1. Whoah no way – congrats, and well deserved! Hope it’s not too late for me to buy tickets!!

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