Eye of the Tigress comes to Kindle

tigresscover18 years ago, I collaborated with four colleagues to write a ridiculous online serial novel, Eye Of The Tigress. This year, I decided it would be interesting to collate the chapters and make it available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon.

This turns out to be a fairly straightforward process, except for one detail. My original plan had been to make the ebook free; after all, I wasn’t the only author. I’d seen plenty of free Kindle titles around, so that seemed straightforward. But it wasn’t until I had actually uploaded the formatted text that I discovered Amazon won’t let you initially set the price of your book as free. The minimum is US$0.99. If your title ends up free on rival stores, then it may end up being free on Amazon as a result of price matching, but you can’t make that decision easily yourself.

I wasn’t keen to set up a bunch more accounts with other publishing platforms just to achieve that, so in the end I went with the minimum price. In the (highly unlikely) event that anyone does actually buy a copy, I will donate all the proceeds to Medecins Sans Frontieres. If you’re tempted, here’s the link on Amazon. And special thanks to my brother Alex Kidman for proofing and editing.

A detailed guide to Ruth Rendell’s short stories

Ruth Rendell, my all-time favourite author, died last week after suffering a stroke in January. Judging from the account given by her friend Jeanette Winterson, there wouldn’t have been any meaningful chance of recovery.

Anyway, that inspired me to finally get around to updating the Rendell-related pages on this site. I’ve started with a detailed guide to Rendell’s short stories, which I assembled ages ago and never got around to uploading. Better late than never, hey?