Grace Jones is a man-eating machine, apparently

The new Grace Jones track ‘Corporate Cannibal’ — her first new music in 20 years — is pretty good. There’s some nice lines in the lyrics amidst the clangers (the phrase “digital criminal” and a gratuitous reference to ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ halfway through being the prime offenders), and it sounds right. The video is an effective way of maintaining her status as a visual innovator while spending hardly any money (and also conveniently blurring the fact that she’s nearly 60). Best comment, as ever, comes from Popjustice: “We would hope this is some sort of ‘vibey’ teaser for an album featuring lots of big pop songs about bumming rather than ‘Gollum Sings The Hits Of Massive Attack On Ketamine’ but we will have to see.”