A second helping of BRAN

The second episode of BRAN — the only tech podcast you need, featuring the combined talents of Roulla Yiacoumi, Nathan Taylor and yours truly — has now been posted for your listening pleasure. This week, we tackle everything from piracy to Zimbabwe to some “interesting” Microsoft-related domain registrations. More details and downloads at the BRAN site.

Get yourself a dose of BRAN

A new project I’ve been involved with for a while has finally gone live: BRAN, a weekly podcast on technology news with a particular focus on stuff happening in Australia. It’s a three-way discussion between myself and fellow freelance journalists Nathan Taylor and Roulla Yiacoumi. The name stands for Bloody Roulla, Angus and Nathan, though we’re open to sponsorship from Kellogg, or indeed anyone. Schedules and Skype willing, we’ll be posting a new episode each Monday.

You can find out more and download/subscribe to the podcast at www.bran.com.au. Comments welcome (bear in mind it’s the first one!)

Rounding up the media

Most of the IT hacks I know are at the Hyatt Coolum (scene of many a drunken rampage for me in the past) for ITJourno/Media Connect’s Kickstart forum, so I’m doing the Epitome roundup of published news while everyone parties on (you can read it here here, though it’s a subscriber-only site). This wouldn’t have been feasible a few years ago, since the roundup includes checking out the daily papers, but these days I can simply download ’em through Newsstand and Bob’s your aunty’s drop-in shag. I may as well also note here that I’ve also updated the front page picture on the main site.

Rendell speaks out

Updated the Ruth Rendell section of my site with this interview transcript from a recent appearance on NPR. Rendell has been slogging the promotional trail in the US for Thirteen Steps Down (which came out everywhere else in the world a year or so ago), and will presumably face a similar series of tasks for the next Wexford, End In Tears, when she returns to England. The interview itself doesn’t offer much new information — it’s one of those ‘we’ve got a list of prepared questions and we’re not going to deviate just because you’ve said something interesting’ affairs — though I’m sure that Crown (her US publisher) is grateful for the exposure.