The inevitable explanatory post

For some time now, people have been asking me ‘Why don’t you have a blog?’ Depending on my mood, my answer might be any one of the following:

(1) The Rant of the Day section on Gusworld is a blog in all but name. This is true enough, but it’s been a long time since that got any sort of update.

(2) If I had an idea good enough to write about, I’d try and sell it to someone as an article –I am a journalist after all. But there are limits to what you can sell.

(3) I’m an ill-tempered curmudgeon who thinks the impact of blogs has been dramatically over-estimated. I proved this recently when a blogger interviewed me and asked, amongst other things, which blogs I regularly read. I answered ‘none’. This was in fact an exaggeration, but only slightly.

Nonetheless, I’m now experimenting with this blog because, in short order:

(1) I wanted an easy way of listing stuff that I’ve had published online without having to continually update my main work site (which is badly in need of an update as it is).

(2) Rodney ‘Love Handles’ Gedda convinced me that WordPress was worth trying, and my hosting provider already had all the right technology in place.

So I’ll give this a try. Installation wasn’t too bad — save some bizarre MySQL behaviour — and the posting system is certainly pretty good. How often I update it will be anyone’s guess.