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Ruth Rendell, 2000 (Brian Smith) "She deploys her peerless skills in blending the mundane, commonplace aspects of life with the murky impulses of desire and greed, obsession and fear."
- Anthony Clare, Sunday Times

Despite substantial sales and widespread critical recognition, a certain snobbishness attached to 'crime' writing has tended to make people unfairly dismissive of the work of Ruth Rendell, whether she is writing in her own name or under the pseudonym Barbara Vine. Perhaps this explains why there is no substantial body of information on her work (in either name) available online. That's where this site comes in.

Although far from complete, Fatal Inversions gathers together all the information I've been able to collect on the Barbara Vine books, as well as some of my thoughts and observations on her work and examinations of its sources and interdependencies. (Rendell's work under her own name is equally in need of such a resource, a task I have finally begun.) Suggestions, corrections, alternative views and pointers to other useful information sources are welcome; please write in.

Last updated 3/5/2005 (Details on The Minotaur updated)

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