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Kirsty MacColl
Kirsty MacColl as she appears on the inside sleeve of her live-at-the-radio release, What Do Pretty Girls Do?

When I started this page several years ago, there was virtually no other dedicated Kirsty content on the Web, but the situation has improved markedly. I totally recommend Alan Officer's utterly comprehensive official site, containing absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about Kirsty. The Yahoo-hosted Kirsty discussion group is also a good source of information. Because these resources are so good, I've abandoned routine updates of this site, but occasional tweaks still occur.
Last updated 24/09/2005

Kirsty: Brilliant, eh?
Why I think Kirsty MacColl was the most talented singer/songwriter on the planet.

The bare facts
A brief Kirsty biography, and a rundown of her chart history and serial collaboration habits.

The albums
Basic details on all Kirsty's CD-available albums, including a smattering of commentary.

The videos
Videos, promos, and French & Saunders.

My contribution to The One And Only
Shameless self-promoting extract from Karen O'Brien's Kirsty tome.

Compact Kirsty
More shamelessness: a Kirsty-centric short story.

Once I ran a list of links, then something happened . . .

Kirsty and Gus

Despite several attempts, I only got to meet Kirsty once, in the early hours of May 19, 2000.

Kirsty, Kim and Ricky

A late night party two decades earlier . . . Kirsty, Kim Wilde and her brother Ricky back in 1982.

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