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The Videos This is a fairly complete listing, initially based on a retrospective shown on the ABC's Rage a few years ago when MacColl was touring to promote Titantic Days and subsequently updated with new information. All the official videos are included on the From Croydon To Cuba . . . The Videos DVD.

Videos marked * feature remixed and/or edited versions of these songs as they appear on the original albums. (The same edited versions of 'Innocence' and 'Walking Down Madison' appear on Galore). Raw Sex (about to mentioned below) appear in the 'All I Ever Wanted' video.

As well as these 'official' videos, another five or so MacColl songs got lensed in Series II and III of the BBC's 'French & Saunders'. After making a guest appearance in Series II (singing 'Trains & Boats & Planes' with the resident band, Raw Sex), MacColl was invited back for a regular musical spot in Series III. She performed the following songs (although I'm not sure if this was the original order in which the series was transmitted in the UK):

Throwing in my two cents worth, I'd say these videos were every bit as good if not better than the 'officially' released ones . . . any comments? The F&S appearances are fun, but the two which are treated 'seriously' are also really well-handled.

In her capacity as "hugely available guest vocalist to work with other artists", Kirsty appears in the following videos (the Pogues clips are also on the DVD collection):

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