James arrives, 15-16/03/2004

James Keir McIvor Roberts Kidman was born at 5:56am on Saturday May 15 2004, after a labour of between four hours and one week, depending on how you calculate. Like his sister Zoe, he made a slightly earlier than planned appearance, and thus is spending his early life hanging around the maternity ward at Hornsby hospital. He weighed 2.46 kilograms at birth, and got to meet his Uncle Angus a mere 36 hours after he was born (my excuse is I was in another state when he was born!)

The space helmet look is hot in 2004.

"Who stole my shirt?"

Any resemblance to Doctor Who sets is coincidental, right, Jamie?

Time for a nap, I think.

James already has better taste than to show his face in photos of Uncle Angus.