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TITLES I'M WORKING FOR CURRENTLY I maintain a pretty up-to-date list of recently published articles on my blog.
  • 2008- today: Editor, Lifehacker Australia
  • 2001-today: Freelance writer
  • 2000: Editor-In-Chief, APC/Web Editorial Director, ACP Tech
  • 1999: Founding Editor, APC Newswire
  • 1996-1998: News Editor, APC
  • 1995: News Editor, PC Week Australia
  • 1994: Product Writer, PC Week Australia
Goodness, what a lot of publications. I've linked to archives highlighting my own work where possible, but many sites don't maintain older articles online. The fools!

Angus Kidman is one of Australia's most experienced and dynamic writers on technology, media and all kinds of other topics.

OK, enough boasting in the third person . . . After spending most of the 1990s in a variety of internal editorial roles at Australian Consolidated Press, in 2001 I decided to pursue the life of a freelancer in a bid to spend more time writing and less time in meetings. A decade later and this still seems to be working, although I've ended up spending more time on planes than I anticipated.

Since 2008, I've been the editor of Lifehacker Australia and write all the local content for the site, including such slightly OTT projects as Hand Luggage Only or Four Airlines In One Day. I also continue to work as a freelance contributor to several other publications, mostly about technology but with a smattering of (as my business card has it) "travel, pop and porn" (see the list on the right). During my career, I've written about everything from Butlins to enterprise security to how to stalk Bill Gates and the future of sex robots. I'm also a regular guest on radio and TV programs talking about technology and other issues.

I have a wide range of contacts within the technology industry and detailed background knowledge in many enterprise and consumer subjects. And I'm always keen to educate myself on new areas! I can provide suggestions on spec for articles suited to all kinds of audiences.

As well as writing, I have a wealth of experience in editing, sub-editing and converting magazine content for use online, and am happy to consult or do casual work in these areas (for both Australian and international clients). You can get an idea of my non-technological interests by checking out the rest of the Gusworld site (which started as an experimental project for work and rapidly took on a life, and audience, of its own).

Want to know more? Email me at with assignments, queries or comments. Hope to work with you soon.

Yes, I'm allowed to call myself award-winning . . .

Picture by David MeyerI won the Best Technical Writer award at the 1997 AITS IT Writers Award, and was a finalist for Most Entertaining Writer at the 2005 Awards. The launch of Newswire won the Electronic Publishing Launch of the Year prize at the Australian Business Publishers Bell Awards in 1999. In 2002, I won the 'Best Headline' award at the IT Writers Awards (for Fraud of the pings).

In 2005, I was a finalist for Best General Technology Journalist at the ITJourno Awards (otherwise know as the Lizzies), which I've consistently featured at since. In 2006 I was highly commended in the Best Features Journalist category and a finalist for the Best Consumer Technology Journalist award, a feat I repeated in 2007. In 2008, I was highly commended for Best Technical Journalist and Best Consumer Journalist.

In 2009, I was a finalist for Best Technical Journalist, Best Columnist, Best Consumer Technology Journalist and Best Technology Industry Journalist -- and got highly commended for the last two. In 2010, I was a finalist for seven categories (Best Consumer Technology Journalist, Best Reviewer, Best Columnist, Best Technical Journalist, Best Technology Industry Journalist, Best News Journalist and Best Business Technology Journalist), but the only awards I got near were a Highly Commended for Lifehacker in the Best Personal Technology Coverage category and for me in Best Technical Journalist. In other words, I'm the Susan Lucci of the Lizzies, without (so far) the happy ending.