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Ruth Rendell's Suffolk, 1989


Although she abandoned her career as a journalist earlier and achieved fame as a novelist, Rendell has written or contributed to a number of non-fiction works and anthologies, which are detailed below.

I've assembled this information from a variety of sources, but principally the books themselves. Any corrections or additions are welcome. Publication dates are for the first UK hardback edition.

A Warning To The Curious: The Ghost Stories of M.R. James
Publication date: 19 February 1987
Dedication: None
Notes: A collection of 13 short stories by Victorian horror writer M.R. James, selected and with an introduction by Rendell.

Ruth Rendell's Suffolk
Publication date: 1 June 1989
Dedication: For their generous help and co-operation in making this book possible, my thanks are due to the following: Maureen Baker-Munton, Monty Baker-Munton, Sam Block, Douglas Brown, Pat Brown, Elizabeth Button, Josie Foden, John Hayward, Marilyn Hayward, Perdita Hunt, Heather Hyne, Reggie Hyne, P.D. James, Chairmaine Keep, Joanathan Keep, Denny Richardson, Donald Simpson, Richard Titford, Sarah Titford, Jeanne Wayre, Philip Wayre, Deirdre Wollaston and Nicholas Wollaston. To them this book is dedicated.
Notes: Rendell details her favourite locations in Suffolk, with sumptuous photography by Paul Bowden.

Undermining The Central Line
Publication date: 26 October 1989
Dedication: TBC
Notes: Co-written with Colin Ward, this is a pamphlet arguing for a radical decentralisation of government. Published by Chatto and Windus. Only published in paperback.

Doctor Thorne (Anthony Trollope)
Publication date: 1 April 1991
Dedication: None
Notes: A Penguin Classics edition of Trollope's 1858 novel, edited and with an introduction and notes by Rendell. Only published in paperback.

Barchester Towers (Anthony Trollope)
Publication date: 1995
Dedication: None
Notes: A Folio Society edition of Trollope's 1857 novel, with an introduction by Rendell and illustrations by Alexy Pendle. Went into at least three editions.

The Reason Why: An Anthology Of The Murderous Mind
Publication date: 12 October 1995
Dedication: None
Notes: A collection of literary extracts showcasing the motivation of murderers, selected and with an introduction by Rendell. Includes an excerpt from Rendell's own A Demon In My View.

Publication date: November 1999
Dedication: None
Notes: The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans, with an introduction by Rendell. Only published in paperback (part of the Pocket Canons series).

The Unspeakable Skipton (Pamela Hansford Johnson)
Publication date: 9 January 2002
Dedication: None
Notes: A Prion Humour Classics reprint of Hansford Johnson's 1959 novel, with a brief introduction by Rendell.

More or less defying categorisation is Rendell's poem 'For Don, on his Birthday' which appears in the anthology Sightlines, edited by P.D. James and Harriet Harvey Wood (Vintage, 2001).


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