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The Bridesmaid, 1989

The Novels

I've assembled this information from a variety of sources, but principally the books themselves. Any corrections or additions are welcome. Publication dates are for the first UK hardback edition.

To Fear A Painted Devil
Publication date: 1965
Dedication: For Margaret and Cyril Rabbs with love
Notes: -

Vanity Dies Hard
Publication date: 1966
Dedication: For the Savilles: Patricia and Derek, Mark and Caroline
Notes: -

The Secret House Of Death
Publication date: 1968
Dedication: For Dagmar Blass
Notes: -

One Across, Two Down
Publication date: 1971
Dedication: For my son
Notes: -

The Face Of Trespass
Publication date: 1974
Dedication: For Don
Notes: -

A Demon In My View
Publication date: 1976
Dedication: For Maragret Rabbs, with love
Notes: Winner of the Crime Writers' Gold Dagger Award, 1976.

A Judgement In Stone
Publication date: 1977
Dedication: For Gerald Austin, with love
Notes: -

Make Death Love Me
Publication date: 1979
Dedication: To David Blass with love
Notes: -

The Lake Of Darkness
Publication date: 1980
Dedication: For Don, again
Notes: Winner of the Arts Council National Book Award for Genre Fiction, 1981

Master Of The Moor
Publication date: 1982
Dedication: For Nan and Maurice Romilly
Notes: June 1, 2002

The Killing Doll
Publication date: 5 March 1984
Dedication: For Simon
Notes: -

The Tree Of Hands
Publication date: 15 October 1984
Dedication: For Francesca, my godchild, with love
Notes: -

Live Flesh
Publication date: 27 February 1986
Dedication: For Don
Notes: Winner of the Crime Writers' Gold Dagger Award, 1986.

Talking To Strange Men
Publication date: 21 May 1987
Dedication: For Don
Notes: -

The Bridesmaid
Publication date: 6 April 1989
Dedication: For Don
Notes: -

Going Wrong
Publication date: 6 September 1990
Dedication: To Fredrik and Lilian
Notes: -

The Crocodile Bird
Publication date: 2 September 1993
Dedication: To Don, Simon, Donna and Phillip
Notes: -

The Keys To The Street
Publication date: 5 September 1996
Dedication: For Don
Notes: -

A Sight For Sore Eyes
Publication date: 3 September 1998
Dedication: For Don again
Notes: -

Adam And Eve And Pinch Me
Publication date: 30 August 2001
Dedication: None
Notes: -

The Rottweiler
Publication date: 2 October 2003
Dedication: For Jeanette Winterson with love
Notes: -

Thirteen Steps Down
Publication date: 7 October 2004
Dedication: To P.D. James, with affection and admiration.
Notes: -


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