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Wexford as seen on a 1979 paperback


Chief Inspector Reg Wexford, and his long-suffering sidekick Inspector Michael Burden, remain Rendell's best-known creations, a fact which probably owes much to the successful adaptation of these stories for television. (I may add full details of the adaptations at a later stage.)

As well as featuring in the 19 novels below, Wexford and his colleagues also appear in several short stories. I haven't yet included the numerous anthologies collecting together these novels.

I've assembled this information from a variety of sources, but principally the books themselves. Any corrections or additions are welcome. Publication dates are for the first UK hardback edition.

From Doon With Death
Publication date: 1964
Dedication: For Don
Notes: -

Wolf To The Slaughter
Publication date: 1967
Dedication: For Don
Notes: -

A New Lease Of Death
Publication date: 1967
Dedication: For My Father and Simon
Notes: Published as Sins Of The Fathers in the US

The Best Man To Die
Publication date: June 1969
Dedication: For George and Dora Herbert, in gratitude for their helpful advice
Notes: -

A Guilty Thing Surprised
Publication date: 16 March 1970
Dedication: TBC
Notes: -

No More Dying Then
Publication date: 4 October 1971
Dedication: For Gerald Austin
Notes: -

Murder Being Once Done
Publication date: 17 July 1972
Dedication: For Frits and Nelly Twiss
Notes: -

Some Lie And Some Die
Publication date: 16 April 1973
Dedication: To my son, Simon Rendell, who goes to festivals, and my cousin, Michael Richards, who wrote the song, this book is dedicated with love and gratitude.
Notes: -

Shake Hands For Ever
Publication date: 1975
Dedication: For my aunts, Jenny Waldorff, Laura Winfield, Margot Richards and Phyllis Ridgway, with my love
Notes: -

A Sleeping Life
Publication date: 1978
Dedication: For Elaine and Leslie Grey, with affection and gratitude
Notes: -

Put On By Cunning
Publication date: 13 April 1981
Dedication: TBC
Notes: Published as Death Notes in the US

The Speaker Of Mandarin
Publication date: 1983
Dedication: TBC
Notes: -

An Unkindness Of Ravens
Publication date: 15 April, 1985
Dedication: To Sonia and Jeff
Notes: -

The Veiled One
Publication date: 1988
Dedication: For Simon. I would like to thank Leonie Van Ness for an idea which she suggested to me in Ottawa and which contributed to the plot of this novel.
Notes: -

Kissing The Gunner's Daughter
Publication date: 1991
Dedication: In memory of Eleanor Sullivan 1928-1991 A great friend
Notes: -

Publication date: 29 September 1994
Dedication: To Marie
Notes: -

Road Rage
Publication date: 4 September 1997
Dedication: To the Chief Constable and Officers of the Suffolk Constabulary. My thanks are especially due to Chief Inspector Vince Coomber of the Suffolk Constabulary who gave me good advice and corrected my mistakes.
Notes: -

Harm Done
Publication date: 2 September 1999
Dedication: None
Notes: -

The Babes In The Wood
Publication date: 7 November 2002
Dedication: For Karl and Lilian Fredriksson with love
Notes: -

End In Tears
Publication date: 6 October 2005
Dedication: TBC
Notes: Working title The Gooseberry Tree.


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