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Andrew Ridgeley goes the Nana milkshake

It just goes to show that you can always learn something new. Gusworld is, as the oft-mentioned regular readers will realise, by no means unfamiliar with the works of either Bananarama or Wham! Yet, somewhow, it had completely escaped my attention that Keren Woodward (the Nana with the dark hair) is currently shacked up with Andrew Ridgeley (the one from Wham! responsible for the image, two of the songs and the late-running solo career). Remarkable, eh?

This oversight in my knowledge was corrected yesterday by, of all things, the New Weekly, which also published the up-to-date picture of Mr Ridgeley that you see here. Its main point appeared to be that he is going bald at 32 (with an inevitable "hairless whisper" gag), but it also managed to refer to the "good old Wham! days", which is, we suppose, something. According to the article, he spends most of his time "surfing, drinking at the pub, and waiting for those royalty checks" in Cornwall.

Connections between the two bands are not actually new (both having emerged from the London club scene at around the same time), but most earlier references have tended to be to George rather than Andy. One of the Nanas (I think it was Keren, actually) reflected in 1989 on how George remained friendly even after becoming a mega-selling US superstar. The next year, he remixed the band's not-terribly-successful single 'Tripping On Your Love', and the year after that invited the Nanas along to the Montreux Pop Festival as his personal guests. Nice to know the girls' attentions actually were evenly divided.

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