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Michael Jackson's fans go completely bonkers

25/06/2002: There's nothing unusual about Michael Jackson acting in a way that appears, both on the surface and after close examination, to be entirely lacking in sanity. In fact, it would probably be more unusual for Jacko to act normally. J. Randy Taraborrelli's Michael Jackson: The Magic And The Madness makes a persuasive case that Jackson effectively destroyed his own career by helping to plant stories in the tabloid media about his odd behaviour, but that's another story.

What's disturbing at the moment is that Jackson's fans now appear to be tainted with the same mania. In recent months, there have been murmurs in the Jackson fan community that the reason Michael's last album, Invincible, has only sold 2 million copies in the US is that Sony, his record company, didn't back it sufficiently. Jackson himself has argued as much at a number of recent fan events, and they appear ready to swallow any garbage he throws out. Check out this recent report from the Michael Jackson fan club:

Michael made a speech in which he laid out the truth about Sony, saying he is leaving them as a free agent, after the release of a box set with two new songs he has recorded a long time ago already. And he is leaving them owning half of Sony. He outhought Sony and that's why they are mad and trying to sabotage his album.

OK, so the idea is that Sony sabotaged his album, so he's leaving them, and so they're mad, so they're trying to sabotage the album, and apparently this all represents some kind of genius strategy by Whacko. Not very coherent, is it? Where they get the idea that Jackson owns half of Sony is anybody's guess, especially given that the same fans appear ready to believe stories that Jackson also owes them $200 million.

The simple truth is that Invincible wasn't a very good album, and Jackson now looks far too strange to be sent out into the real world on promotional activities. The only way he'll probably get another hit record is if he gets his nose enlarged and brings in a bunch of outside songwriters. Somehow, I doubt it's going to happen.

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