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Mailbox highlights recent correspondence received by Gusworld. We're attacking the mail from both directions at the moment, but rest assured we will reply. In the meantime, we want to hear it from you!

On 17/02/99, Mads Kann-Rasmussen wrote:

Love your Queenan site. I found this link:
I've read this article in Business Week (I think it was) and I know it is by Joe. Don't know how it ended up here.

Gusworld replies: I've been looking for Joe's infamous 'Casual Fridays' article for some time. Unfortunately, while this release quotes from it, it doesn't contain it in its entirety. Still, it's bound to show up one day.

On 16/02/99, Jennessa wrote:

Hey there Gus, I am a loyal supporter of Grover as well. I have a lot of grover stuff, and trying to collect more. Did you know that they have a Tickle Me Grover now? They are extremely rare and hard to find, but I am trying to locate one. Someone also mentioned to me that they have a "super elmo" now... that is a sad day when they try to copy the greatest muppet there is. I have been a lifetime lover of Sesame Street and Grover as well. Hopefully most people will see the light and turn away from the evil elmo.:) Love your "rants" about elmo...can't wait to see more!!

Gusworld replies: I've also seen Super Elmo, what a bloody travesty. The news about Tickle-Me-Grover is great -- this is long overdue! Also long overdue is Gusworld's own dedicated Grover section. One of these days . . .

On 05/02/99, Jim Vallance wrote:

hey gus: Thanks for the "not-too-shabby-all-things-considered" review of "Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone".

Gusworld replies: I was so stoked to receive a letter from a genuine 80s music legend that I wrote back a fulsome letter of thanks, asking Jim if he could shed any light on the mystery of where Glass Tiger got their name in the first place. Jim replied:

I haven't a clue where the "Glass Tiger" band name came from, but if you're absolutely dying to know I could make an inquiry (I still keep in touch with Sam Reid from the band). The song "Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone" was inspired by a combination of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" (Tears For Fears) and "Don't You Forget About Me" (Simple Minds). Its the first song we wrote together (me and the "Tigers").

See? You can learn something new on Gusworld every day.

On 05/02/99, John wrote:

Hey Gus Just a quick note to say I love your site! I have logged on a number of times, mostly to read your Mighty Morphin Dannii Adventures, but today decided to have a look at your rants. Some bizarre similarities exist:

1. I also love Dannii Minogue - I have all of her stuff, but also know how to take the piss out of her. You could very well devote a "Rant" to the utter shite that is her new single, "Everlasting Night". Hyped as the dance hit of the decade, it is the theme song from the 99 Mardi Gras. The cover art and fact that it was mixed by the Trouser Enthusiasts promises great things, but you'll shit yourself when you hear the chorus.

2. Although I live in Brisbane, I study externally though Uni of New England. This also means trips to Armidale for Residential School. It is cold and crappy, and the petrol prices in NSW are ludicrous.

3. I also attended the Brisbane concert of Bananarama. Being one of the biggest Bananarama fans ever I was extremely disappointed by the short set, the fact they played 2 versions of Venus, and skipped shitloads of great material. Needless to say by the end of it I was so drunk that I couldn't remember much of what they played anyway.

Gusworld replies: Thanks for the compliments. 'Everlasting Night' has now made its way into one of Dannii's sagas, but the single is, I agree, basically trash. The girl needs a new label pronto. The alcohol at the Nanas concert I went to was too expensive to justify drinking, especially after a $35 ticket

On 04/02/99, Jim Watkins wrote:

Gus, In the french translations of the Mr Men books there are a couple of extra characters M. Non! and M. Baggereur. The latter ( roughly translates to Mr Fighter) whilst definitely not 'Politically correct' has a certain charm. Somewhere I have scans of the back page of the Mr, miss, Monsieur and Madam books with the characters and names. I will try to send it shortly.

Gusworld replies: We wait eagerly (although our French is rusty). It's amazing how many Mr Men fans there are in the world these days.

On 03/02/99, Jean wrote:

DANNY, Can't you pleace dedicate a photo from you to me, and can't you also whrite my name on this photo. P.S. to JEAN + your dedicate. I thank you very much.

Gusworld replies: How is it that people assume I'm Dannii? This is way weird. The official site is at, should you need it.

On 10/01/99, BEN G OLUWOLE wrote:

GUs, i'm sure many people have already told you what a huge arsehole you are, but i thought i'd just reinfoce the message. Obviously, your pathetic little mind knows not the definition of poetry, therfore i shall nott waste mine or your time trying to explain it to you. Michael Jackson need not the approval of a time wasting 'wannabe ain't never gonna be' such as yourself. If he wishes to write poems, that is his choice, and as for calling it a flop, how many copies did your last book sell? It's sad really, jealousy is such an ugly thing, and if you were important enough to even notice, I as a MJ fan with obviuosly more intellect in my little finger than you have in your entire being, might even be slightly offended.Luckily for you, I'm not. By the way, crap site!!

Gusworld replies: Being rubbished by Michael Jackson poetry lovers is a little bit like being lightly buffed with a margarine sculpture. And why can't any of them spell? Freedom of Speech 101: Michael Jackson's 'choice' to write abysmal poetry also allows me to rubbish that poetry.

On 06/01/99, Amy wrote:

Eurotrash: Dear Gus, I live in the U.S. I really really would like to get a copy of this CD! Do you know how I can do that? Any and all help greatly appreciated!

Gusworld replies: I'm always keen to recommend CDnow in these circumstances. Gotta love those guys.

On 05/01/99, Peter Ebner wrote:

Dear Sirs! I have read your informations about the TV-Series "Robins Nest" with great interrest. Would you be so kind to tell me please, can I anywhere buy this book or video-cassettes with the Series on it??

Gusworld replies: This is the second such mail I've received in the past month; is there a Robin's Nest revival in the offing? Unfortunately, if there is, there's no merchandise available; neither the book nor the series are 'in print', as they say.

On 23/12/98, Mel wrote:

My sentiments exactly regarding Band Aid... but cripes, where can I get the darn thing???

Gusworld replies: Another popular query. Again, CDnow can be helpful; use the Title search option. DTKIC? also pops up frequently on Christmas albums these days, try raiding your local emporium around November.

On 06/12/98, John Kramer wrote:

Actually, I remember playing aley cat on my friend's computer quite often in 1990 :) I'm from Montreal, Quebec. Canada.

Gusworld replies: I think an Alley Cat fan club is going to needed soon -- or at the very least, a strategy guide.

On 02/12/99, Varia Cartledge wrote:

I just caught up with your series of Beauty Pageant rants. Excuse me for being slower'n molasses in winter, but there we are. Your points were well noted. The idea of any scholarships being awarded on the basis of a person's physique is rather repellent. One has to wonder about sporting scholrships, but that is hardly apropos of the topic. Keep up the good work, sceptical male feminists are rather difficult to find, even in a country with a decent educaton system.

Gusworld replies: Thanks. I only wish I could say we did have a decent education system, John Howard seems determined to gut it.

On 24/11/98, Emma wrote:

Baleful bovines and blubbering bishops
Dear World o' Gus I am enjoying your site more than I can say. That is possibly because my mouth is securely fastened with Scotch Magic Tape (TM). More poetry, please. My grandma lives in Winston Hills and she's a big Duran Duran fan ('Girls on Film' was always her favourite video). Thankyou for providing some good, clean, morally impeccable fun.

Gusworld replies: Ta muchly. Never before has Gusworld been described as morally impeccable. I think it's a compliment.

On 19/10/98, Joe & Bethany Thornton wrote:

I am trying to locate the Goonies cd and I know the only way it can be bought is as a Japanese import. I'm willing to pay the $40 for the CD, any idea how I can locate it??? I live in small-town New England and no one around here will special order it for me! Any help would be appreciated!

Gusworld replies: The Goonies soundtrack is only available as a Japanese import, and I don't think even CDnow is listing it at the moment. However, any halfway-decent record store in a larger city should be able to order it in. Try Record Runner in New York, they're pretty ace. (Finding the address is left as an exercise for the reader, because I'm writing this without a live Net connection.)

On 17/10/98, JimHarbutt wrote:

i've just read you Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt rant. hmm.

Gusworld replies: Yes, quite.

On 15/02/99, Barbara wrote:

My mother has Windows95 upgrade, and freecell didn't come with it. I have tried to download on your web site, but it will not work. Can you help.

Gusworld replies: Not off the top of my head. I will go hunting for a new link this weekend, though, since the FreeCell site is overdue for an update (see below).

On 14/02/99, Bette Stern wrote:

Freecell addiction
I have personally set out to see if all 32000 freecell games can be won and am stuck at 1941. It's making me crazy. Got any hints? Is there anywhere to download solutions to individual puzzles?

Gusworld replies: I didn't get past about game #674 in my last FreeCell frenzy. Someone has set up a new solutions page -- they even emailed me -- but I can't find it right at the moment.

On 12/02/99, Chris Burman wrote:

I used to play Alley Cat on my cousins' IBM. It was the first COMPUTER game i have ever played. Thanks so much for putting it on your page. I'm from Newcastle, Australia and my cousins have since moved to NZ, I'm sure they'll LOVE it!! Thanks SO MUCH!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH THIS HAS BRIGHTENED MY DAY!!

Gusworld replies: Glad to be of service. It's amazing how many closet Alley Cat fans there are out there.

On 12/02/99, Curtis wrote:

dannii--Great Site, would you like to trade links?
Hello my site is Eye Candy's Top Links Celebs, Super Models , Bikini Babes, Play Mates,
I would love to trade links with you just, send me your Title/Description and URL and I will add it to my site All I ask for is a return link. to Eye Candy's Top Links if you use a description please use Celebs, Super Models , Bikini Babes, Play Mates,

Gusworld replies: Err, no thanks. Although this may have to go in the next Dannii adventure . . .

On 12/02/99, Dave wrote:

Re your site on swearing. I just heard the word 'cunt' on British television for the first time last night. It was on the Mark Thomas Comedy Product on Channel 4. Until now I thought this was the ultimate no-no but now I say anything goes late at night. Just wanted to ask what are the limits on Aussie telly? Like what are the boundaries? Also I have a list of research done by the BBC on the acceptability of most obscenities or mild swearing on TV to the general public in the UK. Could let you have it if u don't have it already.('cunt' got 93% disapproval. Up with 'motherfucker')

Gusworld replies: I don't fancy the odds of hearing "cunt" anywhere on Australian television, with the possible exception of SBS (multicultural television) and late night music videos on Rage. Nor do I fancy the odds of Mark Thomas ever getting shown again. The list sounds fascinating, I'd love to see it.

On 10/02/99, Jon McLeroy wrote:

We have very similar views of Wham!, I would like to hear more of your thoughts on them. Also what did you think of Andrew Ridgeley's Son of Albert album. Personaly I love the album, it is completeley underated and nelected by the masses though, but there are some who I have spoken with that love the album.

Gusworld replies: Since the two original Wham! albums have just been reissued and remastered, I guess there'll be a lot more thoughts coming along soon. I'm still waiting for my CD copy of Son of Albert which I ordered recently, and there'll be reams of stuff on that too, I expect.

On 02/02/99, Pam Herrington wrote:

using Corey Hart as an example of a one-hit wonder
Hi Gus, guess what? Corey Hart has an album out right now called Jade, and it's on the charts in Canada. Sony is planning to release the album in the U.S. later this year. Corey is also scheduled to tour Canada, then the U.S., this year. Also FYI, all of Corey's albums which have been released overseas have been successful in Japan, among other countries. Sorry to see you're clueless about Corey Hart. I hope Australia gets to hear Corey's music again soon.

Gusworld replies: Read it again carefully, Pammy. What I was implying that as far as most Australians are concerned, Corey is a one-hit wonder, regardless of whatever success he's had in Canada or Japan or Botswana. I don't dislike the man, just pointing out the antipodean reality.

On 08/01/99, Matthieu Haller wrote:

hi, My name is Matthieu Haller from France and cauldron II was my second favorite game on my old CPC464. I must really thank you for this great map where I saw a "witch's hat" I have never explored. Maybe it's just I don't remember the place because it's hard to reach and it contains no item but I don't think so. I remember very well that when you jump from too high you have a small animation, of yourself disappearing in the middle of the screen, then that you explode and that the witch laugh but that you DON'T lose a life when restarting in one of the forests. I don't think as you wrote that : "Starting at the bottom of the castle is a nuisance, since you'll have to go most of the way up and then halfway down again to successfully complete the game." because you need the scissors before reaching the witch to get the hairs. My favorite starting point was the Cup (just before the scissors) because I really hated the effect of the hands and that I just had to jump right to reach the forest, do a little jumping to the scissors and go (sorry jump) up to the top of the game, collecting the ax, crown (i still know by hard the jumps to take it and avoid the skeleton), the shield, then up through the "false hat" (for me it was the 2 most difficult screens to climb), then to take hairs and the book. Then I jump back to the forest using the "shortcut" of falling down to a forest and then simply reach the cauldron. If I was not lucky to start from the cup, after reaching the book, I jump slowly to the statue that you must jump from to reach what we (my brother and I) called "the hat of the cup". We didn't like this passage because if we failed the jump from the statue (from the right extremity of the statues plate it was a small jump or a middle jump from the left of the plate) you had to reclimb through a dinner table and the hard screen (o8 in your map) with the two stairs and the hand that was almost impossible to avoid and you could hit lots of time by jumping from the screen under the hand. Then at last the jump is correct, down the hat, in the skeleton (I really liked to bounce in it) then take the cup, directly down to the forest and the to the cauldron. Note : I manage a few times to jump over the skeleton that is near the cup; my brother and i tried it a lot because at that time we didn't new where was the shield (we didn't check the statue because we were thinking there was only energy on the plate we couldn't see because it was on the next screen and we did the big mistake of writing that on our plan) so jumping over the skeleton was the only possibility to take the cup when not starting from it. the first time we made it we thought we had every item of the game and we were very disappointed to see that a the skeleton was still guarding the cauldron and was still invulnerable. (we though that having all the items would give us the power to kill skeletons and spider or at least to change something in the cauldron's room). Then we tried a lot of silly things like trying to open the three orange boxes, open every door with the ax (maybe it could make the skeleton disappear ?) then we thought that taking lots of magical energies would give the pumpkin the power of killing the strongest beasts (big spiders and skeletons) so we tried to take lots of them including those in the top of the hats (we had a very hard time trying that) and it's by trying that that we discovered the shield. I can see on the plan that you manage to reach the screen behind the witch. I don't think you came from the whole of the hat so how did you pass the witch's magic ? I'd really like to here what you've been through to complete the game. Do you have a single image file of the map ? if yes could you please send it to me ? if not, do you want one (if not i'll make one with your plan). I hope my english is readable.

Gusworld replies: Matthieu, your English is fine, and I'm truly impressed that there are still Cauldron II fanatics out there. To respond to your questions:

On 09/02/99, James wrote:

I just discovered gusworld linked off the newswire site, it's very entertaining! What was the reaction when you submitted the thesis? :-)

Gusworld replies: My supervisors had a year to get used to the idea, so they weren't so shocked. But I still dine out on the fact that I got a University Medal for it at parties. (BTW, Newswire is what I do in my working hours, for anyone reading this who was wondering.)

On 09/02/99, Peter Ebner wrote:

Robin's Nest
Dear Sirs! I would like to thank you for the great tribute on the above mentioned TV-Series. I was a young boy, when this Series where sent here in Vienna. So I allways wished, to see it once again, but I couldnt till now. Is anyone able to tell me if this Series are available on Video?

Gusworld replies: As far as I know, Robin's Nest has never had a video release. I'd love to know if anyone knows any different.

On 08/02/99, Simon Ross wrote:

James Freud and the Radio Stars: I think about them all the time. Bombay Rock (Brunswick); Crystal Ballroom (St Kilda); Hearts )carlton) i spent my youth watching them, La Femme and Boys Next Door. Please take Modern Girl OFF your obscure home page. It's blasphemy!

Gusworld replies: Hey, I wasn't knocking those songs. But just because you (and I) think about them often doesn't make them any less obscure. Sad, but true.

On 07/02/99, Cliff Ayling wrote:

Dear Gus, I was impressed by your erudite expose on the word "fuck". Congratulations, it was a serious study and not for titillation. Your study contained many references but I could not find a bibliography. Do you have one? I would like to check the references and may need to make use of them. As you can imagine, back here in the U.K., it is not sufficient to say "Gus said" ... with all due respect!!!

Gusworld replies: Yep, all the references can be found here. Some of them were a right pain to track down, as I recall (dimly now, it's been five years -- gasp -- since I wrote it).

On 07/02/99, teener wrote:

Here's probably another message complimenting your site. You probably get them all the time, but anyway.. Yeah, just came to your site.. I liked the layout..and the great pics :) I was wondering, do you get any funny emails/guestbook entries from people? Like thinking that you are Dannii Minogue or just someone totally clueless? A friend of mine is running this site that collects funny emails sent to webmasters. He provides nice links back to your site or it can be anonymous if you like and he'll change the person's details to protect their identity! :) You should check it out at !

Gusworld replies: Yes, I have been mistaken for Dannii, rather odd that. As you can see from this section, I barely have time to respond to messages myself, let alone send messages to other people. But thanks for the compliments.

On 06/02/99, PoPcOrN'99 wrote:

hey where on earth did u get alley cat!!! i've been searching for it for ages... still remeber the time when i used to play it on an old 286... or was the computer slower...? anyway great page!!!!! truthfully i feel that believe by cher really sux big time... but hell! anyawy thnx a million for alley cat!!!!

Gusworld replies: Glad to be of service. Everyone else: If youhaven't played this game, you really should.

On 13/09/98, Robert wrote:

Hi - name is Robert and a huge Bananarama fan myself. I also have A Song for Eurotrash and have not heard hide nor hair of it in the media. Although a good friend of mine in Ottawa, Canada says there is a radio station that plays it at least twice a day!!!! I am awaiting the new Bananarama album myself. Any word on it???? I didn't even think they had a record deal - do you know otherwise??

Gusworld replies: Last I heard, the Nanas were still recording and seeking different label deals. The rumour they would work with the Prodigy appears to be unfounded, but Siobahn is supposed to be helping them out. Can't wait myself.

On 15/10/98, Christina Hemond wrote:

Dear Gus, I would love to comment on your wonderful little pageant page. It has given me another opportunity to see how self-absorbed, non-achievers compesate for what they cannot have or can never achieve. It is really amazing that you took it upon yourself to slander women and children who are actually having good clean fun. It is appalling to think that everyone in the world belives that youth cannot strive towards sexual abstinance, drug free enviornments, etc. What? Only in Austrailia. I doubt it. Who would want to be Miss Austrailia anyhow? If you took a look, most likely any female relative you had. It is an honor and a difficult job that these girls undertake. I know, because my daughter is involved, she is only 4 and she is extremely talented and beautiful, and intelligent. Does it bother you so very much that children do display these characteristics and parents enjoy seeing these children succeed? What is it you really know about pageant life other than to poke fun at an arena, which does not fit whatever political criteria you spout? I'm truly interested in your total thoughts? Try asking and receiving some serious answers to your questions. Oh, and go ahead and make fun of my daughters "pageant" name. It is Anna. In an interview for a local newstation today, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she replied "A nun." when the reporter, stunned, asked again if she knew that she wouldn't be able to wear makeup or pretty cloths, my baby replied, "I know", when asked why on earth seh would want to be a nun, she replied " I would like to teach about God.". Go ahead and make fun of that, most likely your an athiest anyhow! I find it amazing that you would debase young girls who really want to be moral and upright. Oh, and pagant Moms! That's me. What do I get out of it? Pride! Pride in my daughter. I have a lot of materials goods and I have lived a great life (so far!) and I never was much of an Aussie Music Fan, with the exception of INXS and ACDC (go figure), but she makes me proud. I hope that, if you aren't of the inclination to adhere to an alternate lifestyle, that you have children you can be proud of someday. I'm sure you are a very interesting person, I can tell by what you like, and I spent a great many years making fun of things I thought I understood in my self-rightous little world (and this goes beyond pageants), it's so very easy to be brilliant and sought after and wonderful. I've been there and done that. I am still so very egotistical, but that is my own self, not my childs, so if you get the opportunity to answer e-mail, I am just really curious, oh and if you want another site to bash, go take a look at mine, it's a pageant shop (we started the business after Anna's pageantry needed additional funding)! I could certainly use the exposure! Also, I ask that you please remove the picture of Tiffany and replace it with another, it has upset her mother horribly and if you would like to poke fun of my baby, knock yourself out. you know nothing of this family and you have no idea of how you can hurt people that don't understand there is a dark side of humor. Oh, the company is Belle En Vogue Pageant Wear, we sell dresses to little girls, my baby even models swimsuits (won't that be something!) and you can knock us about all you'd like. Or, maybe it will just give you an opportunity to take the time to find out a little more about a real family, real little girl who really participates because a little girls dreams of becoming Miss America and then becoming Sister Anna. These people really exist. I'm totally boring by now, but I was a bit offendend, amused and hurt by your treatment of pagants, systems, particpants, morals and mothers. By the way, your novel in progress should be put aside until you've have it to an editor! You are not publishing Rolling Stone and Wolf your not! Really am interested in hearing from you.

Gusworld replies: I could mock this woman endlessly, but she's made such a joke of herself there doesn't seem to be much point. By the way, Christina, I work as an editor.

On 24/10/98, Bisonjump wrote:

Help- I used to have a list of the .dlls needed to run Freecell on W3.11 Pcs- but I lost it... Used to load it on the older machines all the time.. Can you help?

Gusworld replies: Err, no. Why not buy a PalmPilot?

On 16/07/98, ET wrote:

Gus... i love u're review of Do they Know it's Christmas. Do you perhaps know where i can find an mp3 version of the full song?

Gusworld replies: I don't normally include the numerous messages I receive from people begging for MP3 files, but I've put this one in just to remind people that Gusworld doesn't distribute MP3 files -- especially since we go to so much trouble trying to find stuff on legitimate CDs in the first place.

On 11/07/98, Nicci wrote:

hey darling, you're wrong by the way there are many site which list all the mr. men and most of them have at least one picture unlike your less than impressive site. if you actually want a list of all the little miss then i'll give it to you since i do actually have the whole collection. i have to admit though, even being female as i am, the mr. men by far impress me more than the little miss. nothing sexist about it, just mr. men are better. little miss bossy, naughty, neat, sunshine, tiny, troule, giggles, helpful, magic, shy, splendid, twins, chatterbos, dotty, late, lucky, scatterbrain, star, busy, quick, wise, tidy, greedy, fickle, brainy, stubborn, curios, fun, contrary and little miss sumersault. 30 in all. little miss magic is the best, you've got to buy it if you havn't already. mr tickle is featured. tis good.

Gusworld replies: Thanks for the list. No thanks for the insult. When I wrote that list, there were no other Mr Men sites online. And I didn't include any pics because I suspect the estate of the late Roger H would come down on me like a ton of bricks.

On 10/07/98, FROST519 wrote:

i have some good die hard 4 titles

Gusworld replies: Deadly.

On 10/07/98, Christine Young wrote:

gus--- i work for a publication called scene (in cleveland ohio) and got joe mentioned in our online column. the gusworld site is reachable (clickable) from the mention. it is up and readable at
my thrill that joe has a new book out goes beyond words! thought you'd like to know!

Gusworld replies: Cool! All links to Gusworld are welcome as steps in our plans for world domination. (Don't hold your breath.)

On 06/07/98, Michael Fischer wrote:

this site is ok but it could be better

Gusworld replies: Geee, thanks for the helpful critique.

On 30/06/98, Bjenks wrote:

I may be way, WAY off, but I was given this address in order to find out about Exxon Valdez settlements. So I'm either a real sucker, or you have some info I need. Whatever the case, cool site.

Gusworld replies: Err, you're way off. Indeed, I can't imagine who would have suggested it.

On 30/06/98, Jo wrote:

Hello Gus, Have just found your excellent site, do you have access to the following:
1. Movieline's quest for truth in cinema (July 98) In the third installment of an ongoing series, writer Joe Queenan re-creates silly Hollywood plot devices such as swimming in "Titanic"-ally cold water, tumbling down stairs in a wheelchair a la "Conspiracy Theory," and trying to persuade friends to go "The Full Monty" to see if they really work. So much for cinema verite.
Missed Queenan when he disappeared from Mr Showbiz, now I have a veritable sorgasbord to wade thru,

Gusworld replies: I have read a cut-down version of this article, but I've never run into it online. I live in hope, nonetheless.

On 29/06/98, Dillon wrote:

I'm interested in finding a person or site that could help me track down furthur info on something I noticed on a ABBA documentary once involving a mis-printed single cover for the Australian release of Dancing Queen that had the two B's facing the same way. Apparently it was pulled from sale almost straight away and the cover has since become a collectable. Know anyone who specialises in this kind of obscure info?

Gusworld replies: Yes, I do know someone who specialises in this kind of obscure info: me. There was indeed a misprinted copy of Dancing Quee