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NEWOn 16/06/98, B wrote:

Michael Jackson as a poet
I think he is a good poet. He writes from his heart, he writes about what he feels, and what he has seen and been through. Unlike you, you critasize he for being who he is. I bet you don't exprise how you feel to women (unless you are gay which there's nothing wrong with that). Michael is a caring person and he has been through a lot in his life so why don't you non fans of Michael Jackson just leave him alone he has done nothing to you.
I think elmo is cute and is a great influance on younger childern and all my friends and non friends love elmo. So next time you want to critasize something research it frist you mite be surprized of the reaction you will get and if your going to slame a childerns pupit slam BARNEY I think Barney should be taken of the air and then Bern the outfit so we can all sleep at night.

Gusworld replies: There's obviously nothing we can do for someone who's an Elmo fan AND likes Michael Jackson's poetry. Life can be so cruel sometimes. Although I agree Barney is total crap. But then again, even Barney can spell.

On 30/06/98, Jo wrote:

Hello Gus, Have just found your excellent site, do you have access to the following:

1. Movieline's quest for truth in cinema (July 98)
In the third installment of an ongoing series, writer Joe Queenan re-creates silly Hollywood plot devices -- such as swimming in "Titanic"-ally cold water, tumbling down stairs in a wheelchair a la "Conspiracy Theory," and trying to persuade friends to go "The Full Monty" -- to see if they really work. So much for cinema verite.

Missed Queenan when he disappeared from Mr Showbiz, now I have a veritable sorgasbord to wade thru.

Gusworld replies: I have in fact just read this article, it was published in New Weekly in Australia this week. I'm not aware of an online location for it, but I'll see what I can do.

On 14/06/98, Joe wrote:

I've just been reading your comments on "What Kind Of Fool" by Kylie at your website.
You mentioned that you have never been able to understand why "I Should Be So Lucky" was never released in the United States. Well I'm sure someone else must have told you by now, but just in case, it was released.
It was actually released before "The Loco-motion" and reached number 25, or something like that. And although I think "It's No Secret" was/is a fabulous song, she really should have re-released "I Should Be So Lucky" after "The Loco-motion" and I'm sure it would all be a different story for Kylie now.

Gusworld replies: Yes, I did eventually discover that 'ISBSL' got a US release, and, like Joe, I never understood why it wasn't re-released post-'Locomotion'. Just one of life's little mysteries, I guess, although US record companies are much less prone to re-releases than the UK, where such things happen all the time.

On 14/06/98, Nick wrote:

I just stumbled across your web page by accident...searching for anything on Sharon O' your wonderful site has the honour of being the only site on the net that even mentions Ms O'Neill (that i could find anyway???)
so its groovy that you have included Satin Sheets in your wide selection of Singles of the Week!!!
I saw her perform this song and a few others at an illfated charity concert ( to benefit a public recording studio) in Christchurch NZ back when 'Edge of Winter' first came out......then amazingly I actually got to her meet her last year when she & Alan Mansfield came over to perform as warm up performers at a BIG Rugby match in Dunedin NZ...Dragon did a few numbers.....Sharon did Words & Maxine.... I got to meet her in record store tho when she was being interviewed by TVNZ.....she said she was still songwriting......had toured with Robert Palmer in some European shows???.....was hoping to release a new album but had no label......I suggested a Greatest Hits would be a good start at least as a prelude to getting back some exposure.......she agreed.....but where is it still?........a really nice woman tho!!
Anyway like you said pity.....she never made it big mainstream...... as shes an amazingly talented songwriter & singer...... but also pity there's no internet site devoted to her or no proper Greatest Hits retrospective either!!! As a kiwi its a shame to think she was never appreciated as great NZ musician.....typical! accolades only given to crap NZ 'alternative bands esp back when Sharon was struggling for airplay in late 80's.....

Gusworld replies: I've been toying with the idea of doing a Sharon O'Neill page for a while, although I probably shouldn't until I finish my Sweet & Sour tribute page. Still, it's a project to consider for those cold winter nights.

On 14/06/98, JMC204595 wrote:


Gusworld replies: ??

On 13/06/98, Tim wrote:

howdy, cool site - i spent a fairwhile clicking round and found it most amusing. I was lead there by tracey ullman and altavista, I'm a recent convert to her show, and the themesong.. which I've been singing all week. this week cued me to look on the web.. and aside from your page, I'm very happpy to say I found the whole song in real audio (now looping in my ears) on a 'sing along with Tracey' page
p.s. the 'danii got murked mix' off 'this is it' has a much better title than extended 12" version but that's the song I was thinking about now that I've run over and checked my unlimited edition cd single. it's really funky. AAND, last but not least, I was so impressed to seeyou had a Grover page! do you also like the Sesame St pinball disco counting song, "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12"?

Gusworld replies: Thank you kindly for the compliments, and the link to 'They Don't Know' online. In answer to your question: I workship at the shrine of '1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12', like all right-thinking people.

On 11/06/98, Yutao wrote:

You crazy fool . . .

Gusworld replies: Well, that could mean anything around here, really.

On 11/06/98, Jessica wrote:

Dearest Gussy,
I read everyday, and I just recently stumbled upon the Kellog's Crunchy Nut cereal column. You are absolutely right! There are no nuts in it anymore! Though I disagree that the cereal now tastes better (I personally enjoy lots of nuts) I object to being forced to pay twice the cost when I'm getting half the cereal. Damn the system!!!!!! PS. I recently discovered that one of my letters to you had been posted. COOL!!! Death to Celine Dion!

Gusworld replies: A sentiment we can all endorse.

On 10/06/98, Yeller191 wrote:

Gus, You are one sick puppy!

Gusworld replies: I'm not inclined to disagree, but exactly what are you referring to?

On 31/05/98, Shannon wrote:

duran drinking games
So, I'm not alone. The only difference is that our game involved a VCR and frame by frame capabilities. Usually done to Wild Boys. The 'Simon on a windmill' segment received a great number of 'toasts'. You can down a large bottle in almost no time when the only requirement is ....SIMON looking good!!!

Gusworld replies: I could say something about Simon "looking good", but it's a bit of an easy target. Admittedly, the windmill was one of his better looks . . .

On 31/05/98, Carol wrote:

Dear Gus: I slammed the bejesus out of my next-to-the-little toe the other night, stone cold sober, and I am a portrait of misery, especially when putting on shoes. I extend my deepest sympathies. Toes are a stupid thing to injure, and no one takes it seriously. Carol

Gusworld replies: This is the second letter we've had on this topic in recent months. Clearly, someone needs to form a broken toe support group.

On 29/05/98, Hughes wrote:

Why the slur on the Mormon prophet? What did he do to you?

Gusworld replies: What slur on the Mormon Prophet? He is the resident Gusworld visionary.

On 11/06/98, wrote:

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck u asswipe
Words cant express my deep sincere internal hatered for you. if I ever meet u I will beet your fuckinn brains out and thel ast thing that you would feel is my size 13 boot up your ass you fagggggggggggg

Gusworld replies: If anyone has seen Mr Parker's brain, he would probably like it back.

On 17/05/98, CelRe55 wrote:

hey Gussy,

You must be some nerd who sits on your fat *** all day with nothing better to do than criticize people who are way better than you. I am sorry if you have nothing better to do than that. Get a life nerd, we don't need people like you in this world. Celine has a passionate voice and a kindness that surpasses anyone's wildest dreams.


Leave celine alone!

And Dion 1584 wrote:


Gusworld replies: Well, maybe not, but you obviously do.

On 12/05/98, Phoebe Colman wrote:

I was informed, by a friend, of your site today and am most impressed on the Wham! component. By the time I started listening to Wham!, at the age of eight, they had already broken up, and despite the ridicule of my classmates and teachers I didn't let this stop me from diggin their funky beat. The release of the compilation at Christmas prompted me to buy my first Wham! CD (I only had cassette previously) for which I am incredibly thankful. Anyway, I just wanted to say that it's nice to see that you're paying attention to the things that matter. Your site rocks! and so does Wham!!

Gusworld replies: Wham! fans of the world unite. There are a few extras planned for the Wham! page in the future, but I'm not going to give a timeline, since long experience has taught me that I never stick to it.

On 09/05/98, Patrick wrote:

Subject: Mi verga es fea y murena, mate
Aloha, Gus.
Like your site, particularly the cheese watch and the "Bubba is a genetic freak with two cocks" frame of stickfigure porn.
I thought I'd pass on a couple of notions:

Keep up the interesting work.
Patrick Nourse, Esq.

Gusworld replies: And who said the only thing people looked at on this site was Dannii? I like the Kenny and Die Hard suggestions, there'll be more on this topic soon. Regarding the ears, I've got a new hair cut these days which does de-emphasise the problem somewhat.

As for the swearing thing: I'm definitely in for the traditional and intense "fucking" myself. The point about "country" and other such words is an interesting one, and I can't offer any real explanation, other than to point out that the emphasis in pronunciation tends to be COUN-TRY, which minimises the potentially obscene effect.

On 08/05/98, Golfermary wrote:

Hi Gus,
Want to know if you know where I can find any records, etc. RE: Freecell. I am an addict and play 2-3 hours per day and even seem to dream Freecell while sleeping.
My current stats are Win: 13646, Lost 939, Win Streak 153, Loss 3, Current 77 wins. Sorry to say this doesn't include about 6 months of playing that got cleared by my rotten little nephew when I let him play my game! Never again!!

Gusworld replies: Apart from the various claims on the FreeCell Project page, I'm not aware of any official stats pages. I personally can't lay claim to a record anywhere close to this, although I have had the dreaming experience. Never let children near your computer, incidentally; they're not to be trusted.

On 08/05/98, mrair wrote:

take care GUS
[pets out]

Gusworld replies: Indeed it does.

On 05/05/98, Paul wrote:

hi dannii

my name is paul and i have the utmost respect for you. i love the new album that you have produced. unfortunately, being in the usa for a year as part of my uni degree, i haven't been back to the uk where i live to see you succeed in your singing career. however, my brother has bought all your releases and sent them over. basically i'm trying to say that i love it!!!!

the biggest moment in my life happened when you were working on the big breakfast and were touring with richard orford. i was working in the forte Posthouse Birmingham City when you stayed for the evening. I couldn't believe my luck - it was so amazing just like it was a fairy tale.

if you are ever in Birmingham, England, after september 1998 or Preston nr Manchester during study hours you are more than welcome to stay although a hotel is more your scene i guess.

i'd better sign off now before i make an even bigger idiot of myself.

Gusworld replies: We're not going to say anything of a mocking nature. We just can't believe that anyone could think that Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue was in any way official.

On 04/05/98, Alex wrote:

Subject: kerrie anne page
read the pages
liked the pictures
smirked slightly
couldn't work out whether you liked her or not
ps I'd rather picture K.A.K fucking her way to the top than EVER find out how ray martin managed it.

Gusworld replies: Eeuugh! As for KAK, I can't work out whether I like her or not either. She's certainly better than Stan Zemanek, but nowhere near Amanda Keller.

On 02/05/98, Mark & Gordon wrote:

Hey Gus! This is ABBAsolutely the best information we've had on Frida in ages! We've been ABBA fans since the beginning and would like to know what Agnetha is getting up to these days too, and whether she's still considered to have the sexiest bum in Europe. We love your site, it's so evocative of all the cultural icons2 we grew up with and reliving shows like Robin's Nest through Gusworld has made our night. Many thanks!

Gusworld replies: While Agnetha hasn't been near a recording studio since 1987, she does remain occasionally visible. She put out a Swedish-language greatest hits compilation entitled My Love, My Life a couple of years back, but it got swamped in the mania for Frida's LP. In June, she's due to release a similar English-only project, entitled That's Me. This will include a previously unreleased track, 'Queen Of Hearts', dating back to 1981.

On 02/05/98, Jessica wrote:

You, darling Gus, have done the impossible! They said it couldn't be done! But you did it! You gave Celine Dion the insult she deserves! If I have ever been proud of anyone before, what i feel for you now is of no comparison. Gus, I am in immense shock. I bow at your humble feet for always.
Love, Jessica Henry who is possibly the world's most avid Celine Dion-hater in the world.

Gusworld replies: It's great to be appreciated, thank you. Rest assured our campaign against Ms Dion will continue.

On 29/04/98, Megan wrote:

I have to agree with your outlook on the entire pageant thing. Old has beens living vicariously through their tarted up children can't be a healthy thing. Snot nosed pretentious little brats only grow up to be snot nosed pretentious old brats who put their kids in pageants. The cycle continues. They should find a real hobby like bowling or stamp collecting.

Gusworld replies: Thanks for the kind words. Our correspondent below should take note.

On 29/04/98, Lori wrote in again. Frankly, we think there's more to life than pageants and this topic is getting a bit played out, but we'll reply just one more time for the hell of it (Gusworld comments are in bold):

I'd like to reply to your comments:

1.) "Whatever happened to the pithy reply?" Well, Gus, I guess it won't be so easy for you anymore to simply abuse pageant supporters. Did you find it tiresome to have to THINK about your responses?

No, I find it tiresome maintaining this dialogue. I guess that is my fault for not just writing "You are a total dunderhead" -- a perfectly valid response in my opinion -- and leaving it at that.

2.) Of course I don't refuse client from programs with a beauty component. Why would I? To do so would be to further the ridiculous stereotype that beauty and intelligence are mutually exclusive -- a stereotype which you seem to have a personal interest in perpetuating.

As far as I can see, the fact that you continue accepting clients supports the whole beauty pageant industry, in all its anorexia-inducing, brain-shrinking glory. The only stereotype I'm interested in perpetuating is that pageant participants are idiots.

3.) You say that you could have insulted me in more depth, but chose not to because you "can't devote my whole life to this Web site." Sorry Gus, but that sounds awfully defensive to me! Afterall, YOU started this debate and you seem to get such pleasure out of demeaning less articulate responses. Is is possible that you've met your match and perhaps you'll have to give up your uninformed, biased opinion of all pageant supporters as being "innane" and "stupid"? Really, I'd like for you to check out my bio at I think you'll be hard pressed to call me stupid.

No I wouldn't. You are definitely stupid.

4.) I never said that your self-worth was tied up in abusing pageants. I said that your narcissistic needs are being met by abusing people who respond emotionally to your inflamatory comments.

Actually my narcissistic needs are met by regular consulting sessions by Narcissism Inc., a consultancy run by a Ph.D-holding former beauty pageant contestant.

5.) Again, the comment which states "before the current rush of email I hadn't written on pageant-related topics for nearly six months and I didn't curl up and die" sounds defensive to me. Remember, YOU started this.

Bollocks. I wrote a weekly column about how stupid a pageant magazine was. You're the one who bothered to send a lot of long, tedious, self-promoting emails.

5.) You are incredibly superficial to call Missteenca a "well known pageant moron" just based upon your limited correspondence with this person.

(1) She is well known to Gusworld readers. (2) Based on her ongoing correspondence, I think "pageant moron" is one of the more generous descriptions I could have used.

Gus, while I respect your right to express your negative opinion about pageants, I am offended by the immature manner by which you have used your website to abuse those who support these events. Based upon your use of language, I suspect that you are an intelligent person. Surely you can express your opinion in a manner which reflects your abilities!
Lori Sikorszky, Ph.D.
President, Coronation, Inc.

Gusworld replies: That last remark is a bit rich, coming from a woman who has a Ph.D and offers beauty pageant consulting advice. Correspondence closed.

On 29/04/98, Leea wrote:

Hey gus about your article on Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes your right they seem to put in less nuts lately. All cereal is priced too high, maybe we need to start boycotting all cereal manufactures. One more thing your not a piggy my 11 year old eats twice as much as that before it fills him up. Take care and keep ranting, Leea

Gusworld replies: The scary thing is, I ate much more at the age of 11 than I do now, and remained ridiculously skinny until I started full-time work. There's a message there somewhere.

On 29/04/98, JAXFL3 wrote:

You are so right. I think my little toe is broken. I hit last week on a door and I can not belive how bad it hurts. I can barely walk and my dog and 2 year old keep stepping on it.

Gusworld replies: Handy hints: wear comfortable cotton socks, and strap down the kids and dog. General note: Gusworld seems to be getting a lot of mail from old rants (the broken toe discussion was one of the first rants I ever wrote). Even more weirdly, they all seem to be from parents, which I'd never assumed was the target demographic for Gusworld. Mind you, it's infinitely preferable to pageant supporters.

On 26/04/98, CTrayton wrote to us about Snapple. Since he asks a number of questions of our guest ranter Spanky, she has replied (in bold):

Hey I read your Snapple rant and could definitely identify (with the ranting part anyway).
I was wondering if you would be so kind as to answer a few questions for me . . . it would be greatly appreciated.

Spanky: Well, normally I'm fairly reluctant to discuss my beverage habits with complete strangers, but since it's Snapple, I'll make an exception . . .
If you answer these for me I will be humble in my gratitude.

So do you have any particular interest in Snapple, or do you just have some really weird hobbies? Hope this helps. Spanky, Gusworld contributor.

On 26/04/98, dkseafa wrote:

Gus, you've lost it!

Gusworld replies: Lost what? And have you found it? Are you going to return it?

On 25/04/98, Lori wrote:

Hi Gus,

I really am disappointed! While you painstakingly criticized specific portions of my last e-mail, you conveniently forgot to comment on the fact that I have developed a competitive scholarship program based SOLELY on achievement (imagine that!) I really expected an attack on the fact that I am awarding crowns, banners, titles, etc. (Well, I suppose the comment about narcissism could cover this. But I sure would like to see that argument developed further!)

By the way, you also forgot to reprimand me for running a (for shame!) "for-profit" program -- greedy American that I am! (OK, I guess the comment about losing my pageant business alluded to this. But again . . . weak on your part!)

Gus, surely you can do better! Only a mild attack on my limited sense of humor and an equally mild reprimand for supporting the "tertiary education" of American women? My goodness, what an evil villian I must be!

I'd like to address my next comments to the people who (like me) apparently don't have anything better to do with their time than to read Gus' commentary:

You are taking this guy far too seriously! Who is he anyway? Can't you see that he feeds off your emotions? An emotional response from you is flattering to him -- it only increases his NARCISSISM and gives him a false sense of self-worth! The BEST way to handle a guy like this is to IGNORE him. If he lacks an audience he can do no further harm! However, being curious humans, we surf by to read his uninformed, negative, STEREOTYPICAL comments. Since we can't seem to turn a deaf ear, then the next best thing is to ridicule him. (I'm certainly enjoying it!) But, dear readers, you can't stoop to the level of cursing and demeaning his appearance. (What do you look like anyway, Gus? Inquiring minds want to know.) You also can't type in emotional responses. That will just leave yourself open to further attacks. And most importantly, do be sure to check your spelling! After all, it is common knowledge that all credibility is lost with a few typos!

Finally Gus, I admire your crusade to win the war against excessively clogged pores! The company which produced Noxema would be proud!

Lori Sikorszky, Ph.D.

President, Coronation, Inc.

PS Guess you hadn't noticed, but Pageant Life went out of business nearly a year ago.

Gusworld replies: Whatever happened to the pithy reply? But to address the key points in the order they're raised:

On 21/04/98, Leigh S wrote:

Hi Gus, I was reading your article on Sam Fox - Do you know which record company she's currently signed to?

Gusworld replies: Having lost her contract with Jive Records after her Greatest Hits album, our Samantha is signed to a variety of labels around the world. For instance, my copy of 'Let Me Be Free' is on the German label UKK, although I know it got Australian and UK releases as well. Her most recent album 21st Century Fox is also apparently out on UKK; they used to have a Web site for it at, but it appears to have shut down. According to the Samantha Fox news page, she is currently signed to Living Beat Records in the UK and Ramdam Factory in France as well as UKK in Germany. The album can be purchased online from CDnow, but at $US34 it ain't exactly cheap, so I'm still saving.

It's a pageant mail frenzy! On 22/04/98, wrote:

Angus, you flatter yourself. I set up this free mail account months ago for the purpose of abusing all assholes. Oh, by the way, I see several glaring mistakes in YOUR reply. Why don't you learn the English language, Mate? Pageant Mom

And on 22/04/98, Beth Newbern-Hallam wrote:

I do not curse online, thank you!

I wasn't going to write to you again, but I saw on another board that you are still bashing pageant parents/participants, so I wanted to check it out. First, I wouldn NEVER curse at you or anyone else online.

Second, I am quite disappointed that you automatically assumed that it was me. I sign my name to all my emails....I don't know who this was that used "colorful" language with you, but believe you me, it was not I. I am thinking it, but wouldn't say it here! Lastly, do you really think I have nothing better to do than to continually berate you in such a manner? I stated my opinion a few days ago, and was happy to leave it at that.

You really need to find a hobby. There are so many causes that need your you really think that pageants are going to change due to your rantings?

and on 22/04/98, Lori wrote:

Reading over the responses to your attack on pageants, I noticed that you stated the following:

"But wouldn't it be better if people were awarded scholarships based on, oh I don't know, ACADEMIC ABILITY?"

Why don't you take a look at ? The Miss American Achievement Scholarship and Recognition Program is based 100% on achievement. This year the program is being operated as a mail-in contest, but I am hopeful that it will grow to the level that "pageants" will be held in every state. Even when we get to the point of organizing state pageants and a national finals, there will not be a swimsuit or evening gown competition. Achievements will count for something like 60-70% and interview (communication skills) will make up the remainder of the scoring.

You might ask, "Then why are you awarding state & national titles, crowns & banners? This sounds like a scholarship competition." The answer is that many of us would like to have a little glamour in our lives. Why shouldn't achievement-oriented girls, teens, and women be made to feel like queens?

I am not going to try to convince you of the merits of pageantry. Although I disagree with your, you are certainly entitled to your opinion (and it is your website afterall!) However, for the record, I'd like to add my own experiences to those of your readers who submitted positive responses.

I have been involved in all phases of the pageant industry since age 13 (I'm now 32.) Incidentally, I have also been a member of Mensa (the high IQ society) since age 13. Personally, I have profitted much by my experiences of preparing for competition, winning, and losing. Pageants helped to keep me motivated toward continual self-improvement. Throughout my teen and college years, I tried to stay physically fit and to increase my social awareness. A classical pianist, I practiced relentlessly to perfect my skills for the talent competition. These activities helped to make me a more well-rounded person. Through participation in pageants, I gained public speaking and interview skills.

Regarding academics, I was a straight A student in high school and college. Much of my undergraduate education was funded by academic scholarships and scholarships won through pageants. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh, I received a full tuition scholarship and research assistantship to Kent State University for graduate school. I completed my M.A. degree in 1991. On April 9, I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation, completing all requirements for a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

I believe that I am typical of most pageant contestants. While most do not attain Ph.D.'s, I feel confident in stating that these women are achievement-oriented individuals who have something positive to offer to their communities and to our future. This characterization is based upon 19 years of observations and directly contradict your description of pageant contestants as "bimbos".

I could go on and on about the merits of pageantry with regard to self-esteem, motivation, personal development, etc., but instead I'd like to ask you a few simple questions:

1.) In a world where there is so much violence and negativity, what good purpose does it serve to take "pot shots" at an activity that stresses health and fitness, good moral values, self-improvement, and self-esteem?

2.) Similarly, if a person finds a lawful activity to be personally rewarding, who are you to criticize? (Oh, I forgot. It IS your website!)

Lori Sikorszky, Ph.D.

President, Coronation, Inc.

Gusworld replies: Phew! Let's take 'em one at a time:

  1. OK, so we've established that ilovepageants and Beth are separate people. The former is an unqualified grammar critic who clearly has even less brain cells than I suspected, and the latter seems a little squeamish when faced with the odd swearword. Personally, I think the sight of young girsl parading around in a truckload of makeup is far more obscene than the word 'fuck' (and I'm something of an expert on the latter).
  2. Beth writes: "There are so many causes that need your you really think that pageants are going to change due to your rantings?" Well, maybe not, but at least I can try.
  3. At least Lori seems to have a sense of humour. (She also wrote the infamous 'Ethics 101' article for a recent issue of Pageant Life, so it can't be that developed, however.) What she fails to recognise is that the existence of pageant-based scholarships provides a solid foundation both for continuing to exploit people on the basis of their appearance, and for not funding tertiary education properly based solely on merit. Lori's Mensa-class IQ presumably would have ensured her entry into the latter kind of system, so what has she got to lose by supporting it? Oh, yes, her pageant business.
  4. Lori writes: "What good purpose does it serve to take 'pot shots' at an activity that stresses health and fitness, good moral values, self-improvement, and self-esteem?" (a) Good purpose aside, it's a whole lot of fun. (b) What about the equal stress on narcissism, jealousy, petty competition and excessively clogged pores?
  5. Of course, that an activi